The Research Foundation for SUNY (RFSUNY) introduces MyReferred™

The Research Foundation for SUNY (RFSUNY) is announcing its collaboration with our strategic partner Hirezon / Interview Exchange to strengthen our outstanding faculty and staff so we can expand the scope of our innovation and solve the world’s most pressing questions. As such, we are excited to introduce MyReferred™, our new referral system.

MyReferred™ takes the referral process to the next level by allowing our faculty, staff, alumni, and our students to recommend individuals that may be able to contribute to the exciting and impactful work the Research Foundation undertakes.

Here's how it works:

1. You'll receive an email from a RF Human Resources staff member. Inside that email,
you'll find a special invitation link.
2. Click on the invitation link to create your own profile. This helps identify you as the
individual providing a referral(s).
3. Once your profile is set up, use the "Add Invitee" tool to refer individuals who you
believe would be great additions to our organization. You can add more referrals at any time in the future, so if you encounter someone you think would be a great addition to the RF you can still refer them.
4. The people you refer can choose to create a profile, showcasing their unique skills,
talents, and experience. Essentially, they have an opportunity to show RFSUNY, in their own words, the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have to offer.
5. Our HR team actively reviews this list of referrals to identify and invite your referral to consider open positions that fit their skillset. This program will help generate top talent for our needs now and into the future.

It has never been more crucial to bring aboard colleagues who are passionate about our mission and dedicated to success. Individually, each of us possesses significant reach within our communities. By pooling our collective resources to attract top talent, we can amplify the impact RFSUNY has within our communities and beyond.

Disclaimer: This program is completely separate from the Binghamton University Employee Referral Bonus Program.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Research Foundation Office of Human Resources

SPA 360 Session on Research Foundation Summer Employment


As we head into the busy summer months, the Research Foundation Office of Human Resources would like to share important information to help with your future hiring needs, summer salary decisions, and other general process improvements.

To aid hiring managers in staffing their programs, paying their employees, and other summer staffing activities, RF Human Resources held an information session via Zoom on Wednesday, April 3rd from 10AM to 11 AM. During this session, RF Human Resources staff presented on how to employ and pay summer employees, showcased tools and resources for both hiring managers and employees, and answered audience questions.

Below is a copy of this year's Summer Notes, the recording of our Summer Payroll Webinar, and the slide deck presented during the webinar. Both the Summer Notes and Summer Payroll Webinar slide deck are quick reference guides to commonly asked questions for summer employment with the RF.
Timestamp information is also provided below so that you may quickly skip forward to the sections of the webinar which are most relevant to you (though we certainly encourage everyone to view the recording in its entirety). Additionally, please feel free to distribute this information to supervisors, form preparers, or other appropriate faculty/staff members.

Thank you for your time,

RF Human Resources

2024 Summer Notes

2024 RF Summer Payroll Slide Deck

2024 RFHR summer call


0:00 – Introduction
1:22 – Agenda Overview
2:25 – About Us / How is the RF different from SUNY?
3:42 – Before Work Begins / Payroll Timeline Overview
11:13 – Signature Authorization: What Is It?
14:18 – How to Hire and Pay an Undergrad Student
17:46 – How to Hire and Pay a Grad Student
22:25 – How to Hire a Non-Student (or Recently Graduated Student) for the Summer
30:29 – Fellowships
35:35 – Requesting Faculty Summer Salary
39:06 – Tools and Resources for Hiring Managers and Employees
45:15 – Audience Questions