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Workplace Issues

Employee termination

It is important that project directors are provided the flexibility required to carry out their sponsored project activity. The Research Foundation permits a hiring and termination process to adapt quickly to the availability of funding and special project needs. All Research Foundation employees are terminable at will and continued employment is contingent upon availability of funding. We do not permit termination as a means of retaliation or when a discriminatory action appears to be taking place. If it is necessary to terminate an employee before his or her scheduled termination date, with or without cause, contact the associate vice president for research administration to review the situation immediately. It is our objective to provide the most humanistic approach possible when taking employment action.

Workplace complaints:

There may be instances where an employee needs to discuss a workplace issue that could be difficult or awkward to discuss with his or her supervisor or other persons within the unit. The associate vice president for research administration is designated as the workplace complaint contact for Research Foundation employees. Any issue will be reviewed in confidence unless the employee requests that the director take formal action. Research Foundation employees may also seek assistance from the university ombudsman. The ombudsman provides impartial, objective and confidential assistance to employees with workplace complaints. The ombudsman will explore issues "off the record," help interpret policies, provide information and referral and, without taking sides, help parties develop options for resolving conflict. For more information, contact the Office of the University Ombudsman at 777-2388.

Last Updated: 8/10/16