Hinman traditions

Dorm Wars

A weekend long tradition in the fall semester where each building comes out to represent themselves under a theme chosen by Hinman’s big e-board. They proceed to compete in athletic, intellectual and goofy events, earning their building points. At the end of the weekend, the points are tallied and one building is determined to be the victor.


A week of long tradition under a new theme chosen by a Hysteria committee. This time in the spring semester, buildings will once again come out to compete and have fun. Each day will consist of an event during the day and an event in the evening. Points are counted at the end, and one building is determined to be the victor.

Student-Faculty Dinner

During the fall, the Academic Vice Presidents of Hinman put together a community dinner in the Hinman Commons. It involves students going out and inviting their favorite professors to join them at a potluck feast. This is a great time to sit down and get to know each other in a new, more social environment.


A fall tradition where each building creates a football team. On the weekends, the buildings will come out to compete in games of two hand touch football. The season eventually concludes with an exciting championship game!

Hinman Theatre

Hinman has it's own theatre company – the Hinman Production Company (HPC), a fully student-run theatre group, founded in 1979, operated out of the Hinman Commons. They accept any Binghamton student to help with the shows. Each semester there are four different shows, the 24-hour theatre, Binghamton Night Live comedy show, a play and a musical. If you'd like to find out more, email hinmanpc@binghamtonsa.org.