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Dorm Wars and Hysteria

Imagine cheers, chants, and teams; each in their own uniformly designed T-shirts! Banners and flags hung to represent the spirit, spark, and pride of each hall. Best friends, newly made friends, roommates, and suite mates all shouting your name as you race to find your shoes amid the mountain of footwear, slip them on, tie your laces, and race back to cross the finish line. These are just a few of the sights and sounds you will encounter during our semester traditions here in Hinman.

Dorm Wars, which takes place during the Fall semester, and Hysteria, taking place in the Spring, are two of Hinman's most beloved and fun-filled traditions. Dorm Wars takes place over a weekend period, while Hysteria is a full week; each complete with activities involving athletic, intellectual, and/or artistic skills where all Hinmanites are encouraged to participate. Both Dorm Wars and Hysteria also include an Event's Day—a full Saturday afternoon of camp-style games including: tug of war, relay races, a food eating contest, and a scavenger hunt. The traditions culminate later that Saturday evening with creative and hilarious songs, skits, and an unexpectedly choreographed lip sync competition. Students sing, dance, laugh, cartwheel, split, slide, and skip their way through these highly-anticipated events. Afterwards, students from each hall gather as they anxiously wait for the results to be tabulated. Upon announcement of the winner, the excitement and roars are shouted throughout all of the Hinman Dining Hall, and can be felt on the quad and all the way up the Hinman Hill!

Would you love to play dodge ball? Volleyball? Create a design? Participate in a scavenger hunt? Write a song? Or, choreograph a skit? No matter your passion, there are countless ways to get involved, lead, and create life-long memories during Hinman's area traditions. The games may last a short while, but the memories and friendships last a lifetime.

The members of Hinman College Council participate in choosing the themes for both Dorm Wars and Hysteria, as well as organizing the events. Past themes have included "Olympus Comes to Hinman", "Disney Duo's Visit the Happiest Place on Earth", "Hinman Goes Dark", and "Hinman is MARVELous". Whether dressing as Greek gods, famous Disney villains, super villains, or MARVEL superheroes, Hinman residents are full of energy, spirit, and pride throughout these events.

Catch the Hinman spirit! Get involved with the Hinman College Council or your hall government, and join the action during Dorm Wars and Hysteria!!

Student-Faculty Connect Dinner

The annual Student-Faculty Connect Dinner is an event planned and organized by the Academic Vice President of Hinman College Council along with the assistance from our Collegiate Professor, and numerous Hinman residents. As the title of the event implies, the Student-Faculty Connect Dinner provides an awesome opportunity for students to connect with faculty outside the classroom, engage on a more personal level, and share a delicious meal. Students invite their professors, or faculty members, to a pot-luck style dinner where both Hinman residents and their invited guests each provide a dish for all to enjoy. The Student-Faculty Connect Dinner transforms the Hinman Success Center from a hub of academic success to a dining experience, filled with delectable dishes, captive conversation, and kindled kinship. Every year, this event continues to enhance the experience of our students and faculty by facilitating meaningful connections, which not only contribute to the success of our students, but to the larger ever flourishing campus environment.

Theme Week

As one might gather from its name, Theme Week is a week-long tradition with a series of events pertaining to one central idea. This central idea always circles back to Hinman's focus on service. With that, this tradition is organized by a committee of Resident Assistants, along with the guidance of Professional Staff, and aims to raise funds and provide assistance to the greater Binghamton community in some way. Once the central theme is identified, the committee works to gather submissions from Resident Assistants within Hinman, as well as the Hinman College Council, for proposed events pertaining to the identified theme. Some past themes have included, "The Mind", highlighting various aspects pertaining to a healthy brain including nutrition and mental health; "Breaking New Ground", focusing on historically innovative individuals and inventions, as well as forth coming and current social, political, and technological innovations; and "Hinspirations", with each day having a designated inspirational quote and event aligned with its message. At the conclusion of Theme Week, the committee hosts a banquet, with all proceeds being donated to a selected organization or charity. Past recipients have included Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts, the Ronald McDonald House, Unicef, and a scholarship for local Binghamton High School graduates. This week serves as a true testament of how Hinman residents seek to serve and make an impact locally and globally.


ALIVE Community Partners Recognition Dinner

After countless years of collaboration between local organizations and initiatives with our ALIVE Program, Hinman sought to create an opportunity where these community partners, along with our outstanding ALIVE Program participants, would be recognized for their tireless efforts in serving the community. Hence, the ALIVE Community Partners Recognition Dinner was born, and is a brand spanking new tradition within Hinman! Coordinated by our Collegiate Professor and the Hinman College Council's Vice President for Service and Leadership, the Community Partners Recognition Dinner aims to acknowledge, highlight, and celebrate the unity between Hinman students and local community organizations. Similar to the Student-Faculty Connect Dinner, students invite the Directors, site Supervisors, and internship Supervisors whom they have worked with locally. During the recognition dinner, students converse with their invited guests and connect them with other Hinman students for potential future opportunities, all over a delicious meal. In addition, a specific time during the event is dedicated to graciously highlighting, acknowledging, and thanking our community partners for their continued service. Lastly, both our community leaders and our ALIVE Program participants are presented with a token of appreciation and acknowledgement for being dedicated examples of our community's identified motto: "From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." ~ Arthur Ashe

Last Updated: 8/24/16