Hinman is Home

Community, traditions and a sense of belonging are at the core of what makes Hinman unique. "Hinman is Home" is the motto of this vibrant and dynamic community. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, Hinman College continues to look for ways to improve student involvement, leadership opportunities and indoor/outdoor spaces. We're excited to add some new features as we continue to embrace our traditions and history.

Hinman's Top 10

#1 Hinman Dining Center!

Nowhere else on campus has the variety and space of our new dining center located right in the middle of Himan College. Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, Starbucks, Neopolitan Pizza, Noodle House, Wrap & Roll, Garden and Vegan Grill are just some of the delicious options. The Hinman Dining Center also houses a state-of-the-art culinary makerspace, plenty of lounge-style seating inside and a rooftop terrace equipped with LED lounge furniture.

Hinman Dining Center

#2 Hinman Hill and Hinman Quad

Hinman has many outdoor spaces within the community where residents can relax, study or play. The Hinman Quad in front of the Hinman Dining Center is where most of the traditions take place along with its own basketball/volleyball court up the hill. Hinman Hill is a large, terraced area in front of Lehman Hall with outdoor seating and landscaping for presentations and concerts.

Hinman Hill opening

#3 Hinman Success Center

The Hinman Success Center is located in the Nelson A. Rockefeller Collegiate Center (RC) right across from the Lecture Hall. With multiple noise-reducing seating options, group study spaces, printers, whiteboards and charging stations — it's a great place to study individually or collaborate with a group.

Hinman Success Center

#4 New Hinman CP — Jay Newberry

Jay Newberry is an associate professor of geography and a member of the collegiate professors. He is a liaison between academics and community living, and will help residents navigate their courses, connect to faculty and peers and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Jay Newberry

#5 Hinman's Public Service Learning Community

Students who choose Hinman have the opportunity to sign up for the Public Service Learning Community, where members live in the same building and take courses, workshops, and field trips together. They also complete several group volunteer projects together while learning important job and life skills.

PSLC tabling for Ukraine

#6 Hinman's first-year building — Cleveland Hall

Hinman's Cleveland Hall is reserved just for new first-year students. It's been completely renovated with new furniture, flooring, lighting and air conditioning. Staff here are particularly attuned to the challenges of their new students and will help them connect with other residents and get them involved in their community. This includes a residential student engagement specialist focused on residents' pre-career journey, exploration of majors and on-campus engagement opportunities.

Cleveland lounge

#7 Hinman College Council (HCC)

Student leadership is a big part of the Hinman philosophy, so it's no surprise that HCC is the largest and most involved on campus. The HCC is instrumental in organizing many service-learning opportunities in addition to the popular Hinman traditions where residents compete across the five buildings for top honors.

Hinman College Council

#8 Hinman Hysteria and Dorm Wars

Hinman's traditions are the highlight of the spring and fall semesters. Each are week-long, theme-based and residents get to compete against other buildings in games, activities and challenges.

Hinman Hysteria

#9 Hinman Production Company (HPC)

Hinman has its own student-run theatre company founded in 1979 that puts on four shows a year. Any Hinman student can get involved and learn about theatre, lighting, marketing and costume design.

Hinman Production Company

#10 Hinman Co-rec

Co-rec is favorite tradition for all the communities, but was started right here in Hinman. Each building forms its own football team that competes against other buildings. Then, the winner competes against other communities for the champion title and trophy.