Student Collaboration on Residential Experiences (SCORE)

This new learning community will launch with the goal of fostering a culture of contemplation, choice and critical thinking at the start of the fall 2024 semester. Residents will take primary responsibility for creating the community they want to live in through:

  • Leading programmatic initiatives
  • Selecting their own housing assignments
  • Creating and adhering to community standards
  • Initiating restorative circles to proactively and reactively address and resolve issues that surface within the community
  • Developing community messaging and marketing 

If you're interested in building skills in empowerment, self-advocacy, autonomy, independence, problem solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution and community building, SCORE could be a valuable opportunity for you.

Housing sign up has opened as of Jan. 22, 2024. Any current Binghamton undergraduate student is eligible to apply for SCORE online. If selected, students will be required to enroll in a CDCI course during the fall 2024 semester, in which they will work together to develop community standards, policies and procedures that will define the 2024-25 SCORE experience.

For more information, email

Public Service Learning Community

Hinman's Public Service Learning Community (PSLC) is a great option for students who want to make a difference through civic engagement courses and active volunteer service. New members of the PSLC live in Hughes Hall on the same floor. Through academic courses, workshops, field trips, group service projects and social activities, PSLC residents have the opportunity to:

  • become active, knowledgeable volunteers in the greater Binghamton community
  • develop leadership skills and explore jobs and careers in non-profit organizations and agencies
  • heighten their awareness of cultural and social diversity within society
  • make friends with students that are dedicated to service to society

The Public Service Learning Community (PSLC) is a community of aspiring activists, leaders and changemakers who are well known for leaving their mark on Binghamton. It is offered to both new and returning students, and is a unique experience for sure. Living together in Hughes Hall, PSLC residents participate in service-oriented projects in Binghamton and Broome County. Participation in these projects provides an opportunity for students to get outside the campus bubble, and connect academics to “the real world.” 

Each year students in the PSLC create partnerships with at least two organizations.  In previous years, those partnerships have included VINES, an organization that addresses sustainable food systems and urban farming, NOMA, a grass-roots organization dedicated to revitalizing an historic Binghamton neighborhood, and the Binghamton Rescue Mission, which provides temporary  housing to individuals in need in the community.  

PSLC members are expected to take community-engaged courses at Binghamton University. Most first-year students enroll In the Foundations of Civic Engagement, (PAFF 225), taught by PSLC Faculty-in-Residence, David Campbell, and PSLC members are guaranteed enrollment in the course.  It is a core course for the PSLC, in which students are challenged to examine their core values and to ask how their education prepares them for a lifetime of engagement in civic life. 

Hinman College also partners with the Center for Civic Engagement, as well as academic departments in the University, to offer additional service-learning courses, which simultaneously fulfill some General Education requirements:

  • HDEV 116, Practicum in Leadership and Community Development
  • SCH 280, Philanthropy and Civil Society
  • WGSS 482, Social Justice
  • CDCI 395, Internship with Community Organization

Most importantly, the Public Service Learning Community IS a community, in which members care about and look after each other, in activities such as impromptu fun events, board games and Dorm Wars. The Public Service Learning Community is a place for friendship and personal growth.

See our informational flier, check us out on Instagram and visit our Facebook page.

PSLC students in BingUNews

Students from the Public Service Learning Community tabled to raise $14,000 for Ukraine relief. Read more here.


For more info contact David Campbell, Faculty-in-Residence.