New First-year Student Housing

New first-year student room selection takes place June 22–July 3. New first-year students' time slots for room selection will be sent to their Binghamton University email addresses by the end of the day Thursday, June 18.

Transfer student room selection takes place in early July. Transfer students' time slots for room selection will be sent to their Binghamton University email addresses by the end of the week of June 22.

New Fall 2020 First-year Students

New Student Housing – Sign Up Here

Preview Available Beds

Available Beds - Updated 18 minutes and 48 minutes past the hour.

NOTE: During peak times, the housing portal may be harder to access. If you have difficulty signing in, try again later – this will not impact your time slot for room selection.

Housing applications will be accepted beginning at 10 a.m. Tuesday, April 7. The application is available to students who have paid their enrollment deposit and accessed their official Binghamton University email account (Bmail). Please keep in mind that it takes 24 – 48 hours for deposits to be processed. Students who complete a housing application will be sent a time slot for room selection. Watch your Binghamton University email for your room selection time slot which will be sent out a few days prior to the start of room selection. Once assigned, time slots cannot be changed.

We offer first-year housing in five residential communities on lower campus. Each community has its own culture, traditions and life-style but they are all great options. Before you start room selection, familiarize yourself with the communities and have several in mind. Although we can't guarantee you will get your initial choice, you will find friends, wonderful experiences and committed staff in each of our communities. Students looking to live in an all first-year building should consider Oneida Hall in College-in-the-Woods. Find more information about all our communities, photos and videos here.

Tips for success

  • Read all the information on this web page.
  • Watch the housing sign-up videos.
  • Pay attention to your Binghamton University email. This is the way we will communicate with you throughout this process.
  • Be mindful of details and deadlines.
  • If you don't understand something, ask questions. You can call (607-777-2321) or email Residential Life for assistance. Asking your questions early will allow us to best assist you.
  • Don't put pressure on yourself to find a roommate. It is ok to sign-up alone. Many students choose to do so and end up having great experiences.
  • Keep an open mind about where you live. All of our communities have something special to offer.
  • Manage your expectations. In the end, you define your experience and can have an amazing one wherever and with whomever you live!
  • If you encounter any problems during your time slot for room selection CALL, don't email. This will enable us to assist you on the spot.

The online housing sign-up process happens in TWO parts:

  1. Read and sign your housing license and start using our search tools to look for potential roommates (if you are opting to sign-up with a roommate).
  2. Select your room.

Housing information videos

Before you go into the housing portal you will want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the many housing options available to you. You will also want to view our videos below. They will take you through the sign-up process step by step. Students who take the time to view the videos find the process to be clear and easy.

Getting started:

Finding a roommate:

Selecting a room:

Part 1: Registration and roommate pairing (begins April 7)

Decide if you are signing up as an individual or with a roommate. If you have a specific person with whom you would like to room, you will need to form a group in the housing portal before selecting your room.

Don't worry if you don't have a preferred roommate. Many students sign up as individuals and have a great experience. If you do select a roommate, please remember that this does not guarantee that you will find a vacant room during room selection.

Binghamton University Scholars are required to live in scholars housing with scholar roommates. If you are a Binghamton University Scholar who plans to pair with a roommate you will need to make sure that your intended roommate is also a scholar. When completing your own profile, be sure to mention that you are a Binghamton University Scholar.

  • Login to the housing portal using your Binghamton University account username and password.
  • READ and sign the University Housing License.
  • PROVIDE your emergency contact information.
  • READ and sign Specialty Housing Agreements (only if you are interested in any of the specialty housing options) – Break Housing, Gender Inclusive, Chemical-Free and/or Quiet Living: If you plan to live in one of these spaces, you must sign the agreement for your specialty housing choice. If you are paired with a roommate you will both need to sign the same specialty housing agreements.
    • Break housing is recommended for international students, students planning to take classes during winter session, athletes, students who are unable to leave campus during any portion of a break and foster youth. Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP) students are required to live in break housing.
    • Accepting the Break Housing, Chemical-Free or Quiet-Living agreements adds these room types as options, but does not prevent you from selecting other rooms.
    • Gender-Inclusive Housing seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities, trans identities, and is not limited to the traditional gender binary (male and female). Students who choose Gender-Inclusive Housing share rooms, flats, and/or suites without regard to gender identity. While gender inclusive housing is open to students of all gender identities, the primary intention is to create a welcoming environment for students with LGBTQIAP+ identities. Students interested in gender inclusive housing will need to sign the Gender Inclusive Housing agreement before being permitted to select one of these spaces.
    • Accepting Gender Inclusive Housing will limit you to seeing only Gender-Inclusive rooms/flats/suites. To see rooms corresponding to your gender as designated in your student record, return to the Gender-Inclusive page and make the appropriate change.
  • Learning Communities: Consider if you would like to apply for membership in a learning community. Review the Learning Community options and decide if you would like apply to be a part of one of these communities. If you are accepted to a learning community you will need to go into the housing portal to sign the housing license, but you will not participate in the online room selection process described in this document. Your Collegiate Professor will assign you to a room within the Learning Community. Remember to watch your Binghamton University email for information from your Collegiate Professor. If you are pairing with a roommate, you will both need to be accepted into the learning community in order to be housed together.


Part 2: Select your room

In this step you will actually select your room. Before you begin this step you must complete Part 1.

Helpful hints for room selection for new students

  • Familiarize yourself with our communities, the housing options and room rates available to you in each community. Have several buildings/communities in mind before going into the portal to select your room.


  • Take the time to watch the room selection video which will provide you with a detailed explanation and demonstration of how to select your room.
  • Decide ahead of time if you are interested in specialty housing such as Chem Free, Gender Inclusive or Quiet Living, and be sure you have signed the appropriate agreement. Specialty Housing options will only be available to you if you have signed the agreement. If signing up with a roommate, be sure you have both signed the agreement.
  • If you are signing up with a roommate whoever has the earliest time slot should be made the group leader. The group leader will house both of you. To change the group leader, the current leader must return to the group formation page in the portal and make the change.
    • To sign up together as roommates you must select each other in the portal and verify your group by clicking on the verify group button on the roommate selection page. This must be done prior to your room selection time slot.
    • Pairing as roommates does not guarantee the availability of a room with two vacancies. Be prepared for the possibility that you will have to sign into a room by yourself.
  • If you are signing up by yourself and select a room where one bed is already occupied, you can view the profile of the person in the room by clicking on the magnifying glass that appears next to the room on the room selection screen.
  • Beginning Sunday, June 21 you can access the available beds link from the Residential Life web page. This will give you an idea of which beds will be able during room selection. Keep in mind that the available beds will change as students select rooms.
  • Each of our dining halls offer a variety of options to meet your dietary needs. While there is a dining hall located in each area (Hinman is off line for renovations in 2020-2021) students are welcome to eat in the dining hall of their choice regardless of where they live.
  • There are no room changes during this process, so be sure you are in the right building/room before you finalize your selection. Once you have placed yourself in a bed you are finished.

Please do not contact Residential Life to request a different time slot. Time slots cannot be changed.

Contact Residential Life

Call Residential Life at 607-777-2028 or 607-777-2322 or email Staff will be available to assist you during your room selection time slot and from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday – Friday. If calling after hours or emailing, give your name, phone number and description of the problem.

If experiencing problems during your room selection time slot CALL immediately do not email.

First-year requirement

New first-year students are required to live on campus. Exceptions are granted for new first year students who are residents of Broome, Tioga or southern Chenango County, are 21 years of age or married. To request an exception email

New student housing exceptions

Requests for exceptions to the first-year student on campus living requirement must be submitted by July 3.

To request an exception to the first year living requirement, return to the housing portal and complete the New Student Exception form. The form will appear in the green bar at the top of the page or by clicking the three-line menu button on the top left side of the page.

Housing accommodations

Students with documented long-term or permanent disabilities or serious medical conditions may request housing accommodations through Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Residential Life has the most flexibility to work with and meet accommodations for students who apply for and receive their accommodation by May 28. Remember, it takes time to process an accommodation request so apply as early as possible. For complete information go to the Services for Students with Disabilities Housing Accommodations web page.