New Transfer Student Housing

This process is for new transfer students who wish to be housed for fall 2021 through spring 2022 semesters. 

Many transfer students enjoy living in our Apartments Community where they are able to enjoy the convenience of on-campus living combined with the independence of off-campus living. It's also a great place to connect with other transfer students.

While every effort is made to house transfer students who wish to live on campus, we are not able to guarantee housing to transfer students.

Apply for housing

  • READ and sign the University Housing License.
  • PROVIDE your emergency contact information.
  • CONSIDER if you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing options. If you plan to live in one of these spaces, you must sign the agreement for your specialty housing choice. If you are paired with a roommate, you will both need to sign the same specialty housing agreements.
    • Gender Inclusive Housing seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities, trans identities and is not limited to the traditional gender binary (male and female). Accepting this option will limit you to seeing only Gender-Inclusive rooms/flats/suites. To see rooms corresponding to your gender as designated in your student record, return to the Gender-Inclusive page and make the appropriate change. 
  • Select your room
    • Take the time to watch the room selection video which will provide you with a detailed explanation and demonstration of how to select your room.
    • If you select a room where one bed is already occupied, you can view the profile of the person in the room by clicking on the magnifying glass that appears next to the room on the room selection screen.
    • Take a look at the housing rates as rates vary by area and room type.
  • Once you have placed yourself in a bed you are finished. 

If you have any questions or need assistance during the housing process contact Residential Life by email or call 607-777-2321.

New students sign up now

Housing information videos

Our videos take you through the housing sign-up process. Familiarize yourself with the housing portal — as you do keep in mind that you will likely be signing up as an individual and your options may be limited. 

Getting started:

Selecting a room:

Housing accommodations

Students with documented long-term or permanent disabilities or serious medical conditions may request housing accommodations through Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Residential Life has the most flexibility to work with and meet accommodations for students who apply for and receive their accommodation by May 28. Remember, it takes time to process an accommodation request so apply as early as possible. For complete information go to the Services for Students with Disabilities Housing Accommodations web page.


Once you are placed into a room there are no cancellations. The University housing license is a contract for the entire academic year and spring semester cancellations are not permitted. Designation as a remote learner does not constitute a basis for cancelling housing. Students who select a room and later designate as a remote learner will remain financially liable for their housing. 

Transfer students who select a room in the new student housing process have 14 days from the day they select their room or receive a housing assignment to cancel their housing up until the published residence hall opening date for the semester.