New Transfer Student Housing 2023–2024

Welcome to the new student housing process! This process is for new transfer students who wish to live on campus for the fall 2023–spring 2024 academic year.

Many transfer students live in our Apartments Community where they are able to enjoy the convenience of on-campus living combined with the independence of off-campus living. The Apartments Community is also a great place to connect to other transfers in our specifically designated Transfer Students Only buildings. Staff here offer programming, support and services geared to their needs. Limited transfer housing is available in our traditional communities on lower campus.

We do our very best to house all students who want to live on campus, but we can't guarantee housing to transfer students.

The online housing sign-up process happens in TWO parts:

  1. Part 1 – registration and group formation begins April 12
  2. Part 2 – select your room, takes place in June, watch for details coming soon.

Tips for success

  • Read all the information on this web page. Check back often for updates.
  • Pay attention to your Binghamton University email. This is the way we will communicate with you throughout this process.
  • Be mindful of details and deadlines.
  • If you don't understand something, ask questions. You can call (607-777-2321) or email Residential Life for assistance. Asking your questions early will allow us to best assist you.
  • Don't put pressure on yourself to find a roommate. It is ok to sign-up alone. Many students choose to do so and end up having great experiences.
  • Keep an open mind about where you live. All of our communities have something special to offer. Many transfer students live in our Apartments Community.
  • In the end, you define your experience and can have an amazing one wherever and with whomever you live!

Housing type

Gendered Housing: Students who choose to live with a roommate as well as suite/flat/ apartment mates who have the same legal sex of record with the University. This includes: male (m), female (f), nonbinary (x).

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH): Students who choose to live with a roommate as well as suite/flat/apartment mates of any gender identity. Students who select Gender Inclusive Housing agree to live with and create a welcoming environment for students of any gender identity. This includes but is not limited to: man, woman, trans, nonbinary and genderqueer/gender non-conforming. 

  • When searching for roommates in the housing portal, students will only be able to find and pair with others who have selected the same housing type (Gendered or Gender Inclusive).
  • During the room selection process, students will only see rooms that match the housing type they selected (Gendered or Gender Inclusive). Students who indicate a choice on the housing application and later change their mind may return to the housing application to make the change prior to selecting their room. Once a room is selected, you will not be able to change your housing type (gender or Gender Inclusive) in the housing portal.
  • Students who select a room and then wish to change the type of housing they selected should email, and we will work with you to find a new assignment. Keep in mind that we will not be able to accommodate moves for entire groups and we may not be able to reassign you in the community of your choice. We strongly encourage students to be certain of their housing type decision (gendered or Gender Inclusive) prior to room selection.

Familiarize yourself with our many housing options

Now is the time to start checking out our many housing options. Make sure you read all the information on this web page.  As you do, be sure to take a look at:

Housing accommodations

Binghamton University is committed to achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for students with disabilities. Students with documented disabilities who require an accommodation in order to fully participate in the residential component of their college experience may apply for housing accommodations through Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Housing accommodations include, but are not limited to, visual fire alarms, first-floor rooms, elevator access, bed-height adjustments, climate control, single-rooms, and wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Residential Life has the most flexibility to work with and meet accommodations for students who apply for and receive their accommodation at least 30 days prior to the start of room selection. Students applying/re-applying for a housing accommodation must also participate in the housing process.For complete information, go to the Services for Students with Disabilities Housing Accommodations web page.

Selecting A Room Is A Binding Agreement

Once you are placed into a room, you are financially obligated to on-campus housing for the entire academic year. Students who select or are assigned to a room will not be released from the Housing Agreement.  

Transfer students who select a room in the new student housing process have 14 days from the day they choose their room or receive a housing assignment to petition to be released from their housing until the published residence hall opening date.

Contact Residential Life