Romance Language FAQs

When can I declare my major?
You can declare your major any time after the start of your second semester as a freshman.

Is there a residency requirement (a certain number of courses that have to be taken on campus)?

For the Major:

  • French - 3 of the 400-level courses

  • Italian - 3 of the 400-level courses

  • Spanish - 5 courses: 3 of the 300/400-level including at least 2 400-level seminars

For the Minor:

  • 3 of the courses including 1 of the upper division courses

Can I take a course pass/fail for my minor/major?
No, you cannot. All the courses for your minor/major must be assessed with a final letter grade.

Do Undergraduate Teacher Assistantships count as credit toward my major/minor?
No, UTA credits count as credit toward graduation but not toward minor/major completion.

How many credits can I earn as an undergraduate teacher assistant?
You can earn from 1 to 4 credit hours, depending on the amount of work that will be expected of you.

How many credits can I earn with an independent study?
Typically, 300 or 400 level independent studies are worth 2 credits, unless your professor decides otherwise, based on the anticipated workload and expected proficiency level...It is possible to take an independent study for 4 credit hours.

What is important to know when considering studying abroad?
The time that you choose to study abroad will determine what kind and number of courses you would be able to take. Please, meet with an advisor from the Romance Languages and Literatures department to decide when is the best time to study abroad and to pre-approve the courses that you will transfer from the study abroad program.

Can I take a course at a community college or online, over the summer/winter break, for my minor/major?
Yes, you can, as long as you have not taken a similar course in our department and its workload, requirements and content are compatible with the course you would need to take at BU. Before registering, you have to consult with an advisor to make sure that the course will count for your major/minor.

What does the W (Writing) designation mean for a course?
Harpur Writing (W) courses are specific to Harpur College and require a minimum of 10 pages of writing. Writing courses provide considerable experience in and feedback on writing as a tool of college-level teaching and learning. Written assignments in W courses constitute 30 to 100 percent of the basis for the grade in the course.

Can I use the same transferred course to complete both my minor and major?
Yes, you can. In fact, you can have a maximum of two transfer courses that count simultaneously toward the completion of your major and minor.

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