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Romance Languages



Each semester, the Romance Language Department looks for at least 1 major in each discipline: French, Italian, and Spanish that is interested in becoming more closely involved with his or her peers, as well as with the department. We offer an unpaid academic internship for 4 credits, and second consideration will be given to language minors. An ideal intern should have strong follow-through skills in coordinating and facilitating events. He or she should be outgoing, responsible, diligent, and dependable.

Learning objectives

By working closely with one of our professors, the intern student will learn how to design and promote successful events for our university as well as for the greater community. He or she will also educate the student population about degree programs and study abroad opportunities offered through the Italian program.

Some examples of designated tasks are as follows:

  • Organizing various learning activities and events to further promote the language learning experience, such as Coffee hour or Film nights.

  • Participating in tabling activities at events such as University Day at the Oakdale Mall.

  • Together with an internship supervisor, creating a schedule for all semester events that occur weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc., and publicizing for these events.

  • Engaging the Binghamton Community through cultural events.

  • Towards registration time, discussing the upcoming language and literature classes offered to our current students and help them create their schedules.

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Last Updated: 3/9/18