Guidelines for Harpur College Foreign Language Requirement

This page informs on what courses students coming from high school need to take in order to fulfill Harpur College's foreign language requirement.

Foreign Language skills are ensured by requiring that students complete either a third-semester college level course in one foreign language (Span, Ital, Fren 211), a second-semester-level course in each of two foreign languages (Span, Ital, Fren 115), or an activity that requires second-level foreign language proficiency, such as studying or doing an internship in a non-English environment. 

Students may fulfill the foreign language requirement prior to enrolling in college either by:

  1. completing four or more units of one high school foreign language with a course grade, in the fourth unit, of 85 or better.

  2. Completing three units each of two high school languages with course grades, in each third unit, of 85 or better.

  3. Passing the AP examination (or its equivalent) with a score of 3 or better. Normally this examination is taken after three units of high school language study.

  4. Obtaining a score of 4-7 on IB Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL) exams.

For transfer students

In order to fulfill the foreign language requirement, transfer students must complete and pass a second semester college-level course in a foreign language. 

Transfer students may fulfill this requirement in high school by:

  1. Passing the Regents foreign language examination with a score of 85 or better.

  2. Completing three or more units of high school foreign language with a course grade in the third unit of 85 or better (for students who did not take the Regents examination).

For more information

Please visit the General Education Foreign Language page.