Cab Service

In order to ensure students receive the best service when utilizing the cab/taxi services in Broome County, make sure you know your rights! For more information regarding cabs in Broome County, please visit the Broome County website or call (607) 778-CABS.

Know Your Cab Rights

  1. Riders should make sure they know the cab name and/or the driver's name to be included in their complaint, complaints can be submitted on the Broome County Website.

  2. All passengers must have a seat belt available to them. If they do not, the cab is overloaded.

  3. A clean-up fee is a civil matter that the cab driver/owner must handle. It is not a criminal matter and the threat of calling the police should not be used to compel one to pay a fee.

  4. You have the right to refuse the pickup of additional passengers.

  5. Drivers must take you to your desired destination and take the most direct route there.