Plan Your Event

If you are planning an event on campus that will require parking, download and fill out the following form and email it to TAPS will assist you by reserving parking spaces prior to your event and help guests navigate campus once they arrive. To help your event run smoothly, TAPS asks that you submit this form two weeks before the date of your event.

Parking Event Form

Event parking rates

Visitor parking
External request: $12 per day
Internal request: $10 per day

Pay by space/lot
External event: $2 per space if entire lot is reserved
Internal event: $1.50 per space if entire lot is reserved

External event: $2 per hour/per space
Internal event: $1.50 per hour/per space

Lot attendant
External event: $50 per hour
Internal event: $42 per hour

$5 sign charge for lot closures