Student Permits


Purchase a parking permit

Students can purchase parking permits online. You will need your BU login id and password to login. A vehicle must be registered with the University before parking on campus or it must be parked in a paid space. To register your vehicle and purchase a permit, log into your account and follow the instructions.

Aug. 2023 parking permit rates are listed below. 

Parking portal

Commuter permits options

Annual commuter permit
Academic year

Annual, 24-hour: $160

Annual, Evening only: $85 (M-R 5 p.m.-midnight; F 5 p.m.-Sun 11:59 p.m.)

Semester commuter permit
Fall, 24-hour: $105

Fall, Evening only: $55 (M-R 5 p.m.-midnight; F 5 p.m.-Sun 11:59 p.m.)

Spring, 24 Hour: 105

Spring, Evening only: $55 (M-R 5 p.m.-midnight; F 5 p.m.-Sun 11:59 p.m.)

Summer commuter permit
Summer sessions: $80

Resident permit options

Annual resident permit
Academic year

Annual, 24-hour: $160

Discounted resident permit – This permit allows residents to park in Lot G1 only.
Academic year

Annual, 24-hour: $100

This permit allows residents to park in Lot G1 only. Lot G1 is located adjacent to Glenn G. Bartle Drive. Vehicles will enter the lot via the driveway on the east side of the West Gym, sharing the entrance with Lot G, which is located behind the West Gym. 

This permit type will show up as an option for residents to select online if they decide to do so. Resident students who do not select this permit option will pay the existing annual permit fee of $160. In order to maintain correct usage of this permit type, parking enforcement will ensure that all vehicles with a Discounted Resident Parking Permit are parked in lot G1. Otherwise, a citation to the permit holder will be issued.

Semester resident permit
Fall, 24-hour: $105

Spring, 24 Hour: $105

Summer resident permit
Summer sessions: $80

Special note for Veteran students

Veteran students who have been honorably discharged and who served overseas during a time of conflict can purchase a full-year or semester permit by paying the $25 registration fee. You must show a copy of your DD-214 prior to purchase to receive this benefit. If your permit choices online show any amount other than $0 in the permit fee column, contact Parking Services at 607-777-2279. Once this is complete, you will be able to purchase your permit online at the reduced rate for the remainder of your time at Binghamton University without showing any further paperwork.

Special note for GSEU members

GSEU members whose paperwork has been processed by their department, can buy permits online at the discounted price. 

GSEU permit options

Annual GSEU permit
Academic year, valid Aug. 14 to Aug. 15

Annual, 24-hour: $43

Semester GSEU permit 
Fall or spring: $34

GSEU must purchase the standard summer permit.

Permit return policy

Visitor pass, day and month permit sales are final.

Semester and annual permits can be returned within seven calendar days for a full refund. Returns must be made during regular business hours. The day of purchase is day one, so a permit bought on April 1st must be returned in the Parking Office by the end of business on April 7th. After that period, there are no refunds except as noted below:

  • Employees who purchased the full-price prorated permit can return it for a prorated refund of the parking-fee portion of the price until May.
  • Non-employees (students, non-affiliates) who leave the University permanently or for study abroad may, if requested by January 31, be able to exchange an annual permit for a Fall semester permit and receive the difference in price as a refund.