Visitor Parking


Where do I park?

When visiting campus anytime from 7 a.m. Monday through 4 p.m. Friday, parking is available by utilizing a paid parking space or purchasing a temporary permit. Guests can purchase parking permits online once they create a guest account. Paid parking spaces are also available in the Parking Garage, Paid Visitor’s Lot and metered parking throughout campus. View the campus map for paid parking locations.

On the weekends from 4 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Monday, no parking permit is needed to park in a valid parking space. Paid spaces and all other parking rules and regulations are still in effect, including permit designation and overnight parking rules. 

Short Term Parking Options

  • Monthly Permit

    One calendar month: $63

    One-month passes are restricted to 24-hour resident lots (noted with a yellow “R” in a black box on parking lot signs).

  • One-day Permit

    One day: $10

  • Parking Meters

    Each 30 minutes: $0.50

    When using a credit card at a pay station, you will automatically be charged $1 for the first hour.

    Download the flowbird app to pay-by-phone at meters.

  • Parking Garage and Paid Visitor's Lot

    $1 per hour or part of an hour.

    There is no maximum per day. If you park for 20 hours, you will owe $20.

Parking Garage and Visitor's Paid Lot

Parking by the hour or by the day is available at the Parking Garage or the Visitor's Paid Lot. These areas are recommended if you are uncertain of how long you will be parked on campus.

In the Parking Garage, there are two pay stations where daily paying customers will pay before going to their vehicle and exiting. One pay station is on the lower level of the garage and a second is on the second level. Pay stations will accept credit/debit card or cash (no coins). Once payment is made, an entry ticket will become a paid entry ticket. Upon exit, the gates will open by scanning the paid entry ticket. 

In the Visitor's Paid Lot, daily paying customers are able to gain exit by paying with a credit/debit card. Cash is not accepted in this lot.

The Parking Garage and Visitor's Paid Lot are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, when parking in these lots, lot rules must be adhered to. For the Parking garage, see the 24-Parking Lots/Resident Parking tab under the Parking Rules and Regulations page, for more information. For the Visitor's Paid Lot see the Special 24-Hour Lots tab under Parking Rules and Regulations, for more information. 

Metered Parking

Metered parking is available at pay-by-plate and pay-by-phone locations in the administration circle, Lot A, the Library Tower, Lot M0, Lot M5, Lot Q2 and Lot J at the Innovative Technologies Complex. Pay-by-phone spaces are located in Lot F near the Event Center.

Each pay station is for that particular area. When parking in a different metered area you must pay again. Unexpired payments from a pay-by-plate, pay-by-phone or parking meter cannot be transferred to another location. 

Parking meters or paid parking areas are in effect 24-hours a day, seven days a week. However, when parking at metered locations, lot rules must be adhered to. 

Pay-by-plate at meter
For pay-by-plate, make note of your plate number and proceed to the central pay station at your location. Payment must be made in advance and the pay stations will accept coins, bills and credit or debit cards. Exact change is required. If your plate number is entered incorrectly, you can receive a citation.

Pay-by-phone with flowbird
Whoosh! has changed their pay-by-phone metered parking app to flowbird. This will require Whoosh! users to download the new app when parking at a pay-by-phone space on campus. If you previously had Whoosh!, your information will transfer over once you have downloaded flowbird.

New to pay-by-phone metered parking? To park in a metered area on campus, download the flowbird app, enter your credit card information and type in your metered parking area. Flowbird allows you to add more time to your metered space right from your phone if needed and provides contactless access to metered parking.

Coin-operated meters
Traditional coin-operated meters for short-term parking are located in Lot C near the Anderson Center Box Office and near Science 4, Lot E near the East Gym and track, Lot F near the Events Center, Lot F2 near the McGuire Building, Lot H near the tennis courts, Lot Z and at the Campus Pre-School.

Temporary Parking Permits

To park in lots other than the pay-by-hour lots or metered parking, visitors may purchase a temporary parking permit for the current daily rate online, at the Information Booth or at the Parking Services office.

Permit Return Policy

Visitor passes and day and month permit sales are final.

Semester and annual permits can be returned within seven calendar days for a full refund. Returns must be made during regular business hours. The day of purchase is day one, so a permit bought on April 1st must be returned in the Parking Office by the end of business on April 7th. After that period, there are no refunds except as noted below:

  • Employees who purchased the full-price prorated permit can return it for a prorated refund of the parking-fee portion of the price until May.
  • Non-employees (students, non-affiliates) who leave the University permanently or for study abroad may, if requested by Jan. 31, be able to exchange an annual permit for a fall-semester permit and receive the difference in price as a refund.