Disability Parking Policy and Procedures

Disability parking is available in numerous locations throughout the center of campus. Spaces are concentrated in parking lots closest to campus buildings and are designated by pavement stencils of the international access symbol and by appropriate signage indicating the category of disability parking authorization required.

All drivers bringing vehicles to campus must properly register their vehicles with Parking Services. General campus parking regulations and restrictions apply to all vehicles regardless of drivers' or passengers' disability status. (While students are not permitted to bring cars to campus during their freshman year, students with significant mobility impairments may contact Parking Services to request special dispensation based on disability-related needs.)

Binghamton University Transportation

There are a number of transportation options available on and off campus. OCC Transport (OCCT) provides free on and off campus transportation for students attending Binghamton University. To view the most recent OCCT schedule, visit the. Link for OCCT website.

With your student identification card, BC Transit is another free transportation option for Binghamton University students. BC transit provides a number of routes to pick up and drop off students at the University Union (East). There are other routes available to transfer buses to locations not directly servicing Binghamton University.