Graduate Advising

Course requirements

Students matriculated in the MA program are obligated to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 32 credits to qualify for the master of arts degree in theatre. Four specific courses (four credits each) and a thesis (four credits) are required of all such students. The remaining credits/classes should complement each student's interests and should be chosen in consultation with the director of graduate studies. The four required courses are:

  • THEA 544. Theatre Production Technology

  • THEA 569. Theories of Acting and Directing

  • THEA 572. Seminar in Dramatic Theory and Structure (any section)

  • THEA 579. Seminar in Theatre History (any section)

Other requirements

Matriculated students who are candidates for the MA degree must receive at least a full B (3.0) in all required courses and achieve an overall grade average of at least a B (3.0) for any 32 graduate credits in order to successfully complete the program. All graduate students are expected to participate actively in the department's various projects.


Given the department's objectives, all candidates for the master of arts degree in theatre are required to demonstrate a general knowledge of the field plus cultivated skills in a specialized area of theatre, culminating in an acceptable thesis. In the Theatre Department, these fall into two broad categories:

  • Critical thesis (THEA 599), consisting of an extensive written document of a scholarly or reflective nature

  • Creative thesis (THEA 598), centering around a project, performance or other activity, and accompanied by a brief written "summary paper" laying out the nature of the project and evaluating its success, with other materials presented in appendix form as appropriate


Graduate Director:
Andrew Walkling
Office: FA 226