Theatre Classes Currently Offered

NOTE: Courses listed below are displaying descriptions of permanent classes from the current semester. Special Topics Course listed further below.

For Special Topics courses, course numbers and class descriptions change each semester and are not displayed in Course Scheduler.

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THEA 286 (01) Intro to MT Musicianship 1 CRN: 33377
287E Beginning Hip Hop (01)  CRN: 32663
287E Beginning Hip Hop (02)  CRN: 32664
287M Live Event Planning/Management CRN: 31755
386A MT Musicianship I CRN: 34320
386D Vocal Coaching CRN: 34336
387A Costume Design II CRN: 32666
387B Beijing Opera Makeup: Lines CRN: 22359
287C Beijing Opera Combat: Spear CRN: 22363
387G Scenic Crafts CRN: 33120
387S Stage Management Lab (01) CRN: 23878
389A Dance,Power, and Identity (01) CRN: 33330
389G Broadway Marketing and PR (01) CRN: 32771
389K Russia and Ukraine in Crisis (01) CRN: 33322
389Q Entertainment, Comm&Relations (01) CRN: 10274
389Y Contemporary Global Plays CRN: 34394
487C Adv. Lighting Design Studio (01) CRN: 33376
487J Adv. Scenic Design Studio (01) CRN: 33373
487P Advanced Costume Design (01) CRN: 32943
489Q Adv. Entertainment Marketing (01) CRN: 10275