Recommended Classes for New Students

Please note that some of the classes listed have space reserved for freshman specifically. Any questions, please email us anytime at ‘02’ sections are reserved for majors and minors.


THEA 101: Intro to Musical Theatre 4:25—5:50 pm, TR, Lecture Hall 008, with Kevin Oakes GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)
THEA 102: Intro to Theatre, 2:50 - 4:15 pm TR, Lecture Hall 008, with Kevin Oakes GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)
THEA 289F: UGO Matters, 12-1 pm MW, FA 246 with Deborah Mitchell - Community events and entertainment


For students new to Technical Theatre

THEA 203: Technical Production Section 01: 12-2:10 pm, MWF, Fine Arts 243; Section 02: 12-2:10 pm, MWF, Fine Arts 243
Co-requisite: THEP 216/213/214/215 as determined by instructor, with Craig C. Saeger, GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)

Already been backstage, at a light board or built the set and loved it? These classes are for you!

THEA 287D: Intro to Costume Technology, 10:05 am - 1:05 pm T, Fine Arts B41
THEA 287U: Intro to Lighting Technology, 9:40 am - 12:40 pm M, Fine Arts 196 with Tim Thistleton
THEA 287W: Intro to Scenic Technology, 1:10 - 4:10 pm F, Fine Arts B36 with Chris Hawkes
THEA 343: Costume Technology, 9:40-11:50 am MW, Fine Arts 243
THEA 347: Drafting for Theatre, 2:50 - 5 pm TR, Fine Arts 243 with Chris Hawkes


THEA 207: Acting I GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)
Section 01: 9:40—11:50 am MW, Fine Arts 192 |  Section 02: 12:00—2:10 pm MW, Fine Arts 331, |  Section 03: 10:05 am—12:15 pm TR, Fine Arts 331 (Sec. 01, 02 and 03 with Carol H Hanscom)
Section 04: 10:05 am—12:15 pm TR, Fine Arts 196  |  Section 05: 1:15—3:25 pm TR, Fine Arts 331 (Sec. 04 and 05 with Sarah Simmons)
THEA 208: Acting I (Advanced) 1:10—3:20 pm MW, Fine Arts 192 (Studio A), with Tom Kremer GEN ED: A (Aesthetics)
NOTE: Admission by instructor’s permission. Contact instructor for an appointment at
THEA 223: Tap, Section 01: 10:05-11:25 am, MW, Fine Arts 093A  |  Section 02: 10:05-11:25 am, TR, Fine Arts 093A with JoEllen Kuhlman, GEN ED: IY (Activity)
THEA 225: Ballet I, 1:15–2:35 pm, MtWr, Fine Arts 104 with Rhonda Cates GEN ED: Y (Activity)
THEA 226: Jazz I, 11:40 am - 1 p.m., MTWR, Fine Arts 93A with JoEllen Kuhlman GEN ED: Y (Activity)
THEA 227: Modern I, 10:05-11:25 am MTWR, Fine Arts 104 with Rhonda Cates GEN ED: Y (Activity)
THEA 289K: Dance for Beginners, 11:40 am–1 pm MTWR, Fine Arts 91, with Andrew Horowitz
THEA 289O: Broadway for Beginners, 3:30 - 5:40 pm MW, Fine Arts 196 (Studio B), with Robyn Womersley
THEA 387O: Musical Theater Singing, 10:40 am—1 pm F, Fine Arts 196/242, with Peter Sicilian
THEA 389J: Dance for Actors, 4:40-5:40 pm MW, 4:25-5:50 pm TR with David Wynen