Literacy Education (MSEd)

Binghamton University’s advanced (in-service) programs in literacy education lead to a Master of Science in Education (MSEd) and eligibility for New York state teaching certification at three respective grade levels: Birth-Grade 6, Grades 5-12, Birth-Grade 12.

This program is now offered online, with courses held in the fall, spring and summer to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. Begin your application here.

The programs in literacy education provide academic study and supervised field experiences and internships at the elementary or secondary school levels for students holding New York state initial certification in early childhood education, childhood education, special education, (or speech/language), ESL or a grade 7-12 academic subject. Individuals are prepared to assume leadership roles as competent and qualified literacy teachers, specialists and consultants.

Students must complete the degree within five years of matriculating in the program and must earn a cumulative average of B or better to graduate. See also: Graduate School Academic Policies.

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Program requirements

This program requires a minimum of 30-36 credit-hours. Students who have completed some program requirements prior to matriculation may take other appropriate courses as electives with the advisor's approval.

Culminating paper/project requirements

In addition to coursework, a final culminating scholarly paper or project is required for this degree. This scholarly paper is on a literacy issue, trend, or topic of the student’s choice prepared at a level appropriate for publication in a professional journal for an audience of peers. It should be persuasively written and include evidence from theory and research and may include an action research project.

Plan of study

The plan of study for the Literacy Education MSEd programs provides students and advisors with a form to guide students through the requirements.

Required courses

In addition to LTRC 594, students across literacy programs will complete the following required courses.

In addition to the required courses taken by students across literacy programs, the following courses are required for particular age/grade ranges. See the plans of study for further information.

For the B-6 track only:

For the 5-12 track only:

For the B-12 track only: 

Students enrolled in teacher preparation programs must earn at least a B- in all courses to progress to subsequent semesters.

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