Education Minor FAQs

I hear Binghamton University has an undergraduate Education Minor. Can you tell me more about it?

The undergraduate Education Minor was created to give Binghamton students the opportunity to gain insight into the field of education in general and careers in education in particular (e.g., teacher, guidance counselor, school social worker).

For students admitted to the Minor prior to August of 2020, the Minor requires a total of four courses (16 credits); two of the courses are required, and two are electives. Students must also complete 10 action hours that consist of volunteer work and attendance at three Education Minor Events, including one Bearchat. Students have multiple options for selecting courses that suit their interests and academic schedules.

How can I find out more?
Interested students can email with questions.

How can I gain the credits necessary for New York state teaching certification while an undergraduate at Binghamton University?

We do not currently have an undergraduate education major that leads to certification. Participation and completion of the Minor does not provide you with a New York state teaching certification.

However, we do have some accelerated degree programs in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership (TLEL). In addition, a major in a content area plus the Minor can provide an excellent foundation to an eventual master's degree. Find out more about these and other initial teacher preparation programs.

When can I apply?

Students may apply as early as the second semester of their freshman year.

How does a student declare the Education Minor?

Students submit an application found on the TLEL website. Students may apply as soon as the second semester of their freshman year. After submitting an application, students will be notified of the outcome via email.

What undergraduate major does a student need to have to apply?

TLEL welcomes students from all undergraduate majors to apply to the undergraduate Education Minor.

Can I still register for education course if I am not in the Minor?

Yes. Students (who are at least in the second semester of their freshman year) may request to register for education courses without applying to the Education Minor. Approval is at the discretion of the Minor's program coordinator.

I have already taken courses in education at another institution and have transferred them to Binghamton. Will any of these courses count toward requirements for the Minor?

For courses to count, they must be either junior or senior level and be approved by the Education Minor Coordinator.

I'm a Human Development major. How many courses can I take that count toward both the HDEV major and the Education Minor?

A total of 2 courses (8 credits) may be taken to satisfy requirements for both the HDEV major and the Education Minor.

Are all the education electives listed on the website open to any Binghamton University student?
Some courses may be limited to majors in specific areas or require instructor approval.

Can I start and complete the Education Minor in one semester?

The Minor is designed to be achieved over two or more semesters, not one. There are a limited number of courses available each semester for the Minor, so logistically, it wouldn't be possible.