Minor Requirements

The Education Minor requires both coursework and action hours. The requirements for students admitted to the Education Minor prior to August of 2020 are listed below.


The Minor requires a total of four upper-level courses (16 credits total), two required courses and two electives.

Note: These courses do not count for New York state teaching certification.

  1. EDUC 406 and EDUC 410 are required. Both courses must be taken at Binghamton and cannot be substituted with any other course. Since registration for EDUC 406 and 410 can be competitive, all students who want to register for either of these two courses must fill out the Google form that is sent out every semester during course registration to all student enrolled in the minor. The forms are emailed from the head peer advisor regarding the status of students and their enrollment or completion of these two courses in order to give the Education Minor Steering Committee a better idea of how many sections are needed for a given semester.
  2. The other two courses are upper-level electives. Students have multiple options for selecting courses that suit their interests and academic schedules.

Note:  If students take positions as teaching assistants or complete education-related internships for credit, they must submit a petition to request these experiences to count toward their electives. For questions about petitions and other exceptions, email educationminor@binghamton.edu

Action hours

The purpose of the action hours (non-paid volunteer work and event attendance) component of the Education Minor is to give students the opportunity to experience education outside of the classroom. Students will expand on their knowledge through education-related events, as well as through practical experience in the community.

For students accepted spring 2016 and after, action hours include the following two components:

1. 10 hours of non-paid AND non-credit volunteer work

  • volunteer work must be related to the field of education. 
  • students must submit their hours through the Minor's MyCourses Organization under "content" for their volunteer hours to count.
  • questions about volunteer work can be sent to edminhrs@binghamton.edu.

2.  Attendance at three events hosted by the Education Minor

  • BearChat (required; an exit ticket form will be distributed at the event)
  • two other events of the student’s choice