Onboarding for New Adjuncts


Adjunct faculty are important to our department and our students, and we want you to have access to what you need to know about teaching for TLEL. This page provides some helpful information to get you started.

Contact Heidi Nevgloski with questions at hnevglos@binghamton.edu or 607-777-2727.

Click here to view the Adjunct Faculty Handbook.

The Basics



The CCPA dean's office processes position requests, prepares the letters and after receipt of the signed offer letters, completes the appointments in Human Resources.The letter from the dean is the official offer - sign it as soon as possible.

As the critical next step, complete all required paperwork in Human Resources.


Your University user ID allows you to connect to the Central Authentication System (PODS), which enables access to the the library, myCourses, BU Brain, and your time and attendance records.


Get your faculty ID card at the Couper Administration Building, Room 244, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Shared office space is provided each semester for faculty assigned to teach a course on campus. Contact Heidi Nevgloski, TLEL's administrative assistant, for an appointment to pick up your keys. Heidi can be reached at 607-777-2727 or hnevglos@binghamton.edu.


Mailboxes are located in AB-230C. A key is provided along with your office key. You may allow your students to submit papers to the TLEL program office in AB-133, attention: Nicole Smith, during regular office hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) or through the school's mailroom door (AB-131) after hours or on weekends. Papers will be placed in your mailbox the next day. Be sure your students place their work in a clearly-marked envelope if dropping after hours.


Each adjunct faculty member receives an individual code to copy/print. TLEL copy machines/printers are located in AB-230C and AB-133E. Please be judicious with copying. Use black and white whenever possible.


Paydays are every other Wednesday. The University operates on a lag payroll (you are paid two weeks after completion of your first pay period). Binghamton University strongly encourages all employees to enroll in direct deposit. If you do not wish to have direct deposit, a paper check will be placed in your TLEL mailbox. Only paychecks/direct deposit paystubs for supervision adjuncts, who are not regularly on campus, will be mailed. [Direct deposit form info: agency/department code: 28020; your cell phone number, with area code.]


Online time records are required for adjunct/supervision and adjunct faculty paid on a biweekly basis. Time and Attendance records are submitted electronically. Visit this page for information on how to access and log into the new system. (Not all supervision adjunct faculty are paid on a biweekly basis. Refer to your offer letter regarding your payment schedule.)


A valid university parking permit is required 24 hours a day. If you are illegally parked, you will get a ticket. You may register your vehicle through Parking Services for a single day, semester or full year with the option of an evening-only pass.  


Be sure to sign up for the B-ALERT emergency notification system to learn of class cancelations and/or University emergencies.