Watson Competes!

Dynamic competitions. Practical skills.

There's only so much you can learn from a textbook or a whiteboard. Students in Watson College have found that to be especially true.

Engineers need to take things apart and put them back together. They need to test things and constantly improve on them. That often means working with people from different disciplines to make something together.

In 2017, Watson College created a program called "Watson Competes!" that encapsulates all the different ways students have been gaining the practical skills they need with the added bonus of fun competitions, friendships and even a few awards.

Binghamton Motorsports

The Binghamton University Student Chapter of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), also known as Binghamton Motorsports.


Binghamton Hyperloop

Students have been developing their own version of what could be the real future of human transportation, the Hyperloop pod.


Binghamton Mars Rover

Engineering, computer science, biology and geology all came together to build a functional Mars rover. 

Mars Rover



HackBU exists to foster a community of individuals who solve problems through the innovative use of technology.


Other Programs

The human-powered vehicle, ASME, ACM, MicroMouse and other initiatives. 

Watson Competes!