University Award for Excellence in International Education

Each year, the University Award for Excellence in International Education recognizes a member of Binghamton University's faculty or staff for outstanding efforts in support of the university's longstanding commitment to internationalization.


Both faculty and staff from Binghamton University are eligible to be nominated for this award. However, previous recipients of Chancellor's or University Awards whose outstanding contributions to international education were cited as grounds for their selection should not be nominated for this award.

Selection Process

A Selection Committee shall be appointed, comprised of faculty, staff, and students. The selection criteria for the University Award for Excellence in International Education will consist of measures of the quality, quantity, and impact of an individual's efforts in bringing an international perspective to the university's curricular, co-curricular, and research activities. These criteria will include an evaluation of the nominee's contribution in some or all of the following categories, and other contributions will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Development of international partnerships: Examples of contributions in this category may include the identification, initiation, growth, and development of sustainable academic collaborations with new international partners, actively participating in the growth of existing academic (international) partnerships, fostering the exchange of scholars, development of research collaborations, or obtaining external funding for projects.

International learning: Examples of contributions in this category may include teaching highly successful courses with an international focus; injecting significant and effective international perspectives into courses that might otherwise lack international content; creating or enhancing successful internationally-related academic programs (e.g. area studies, international concentration within a major); designing a successful new academic program with an international focus, or infusing international research into an academic program. 

Education abroad activities: Examples of contributions in this category may include administering a successful existing education-abroad program; designing a successful new education-abroad program; or providing effective preparation or follow-through for students participating in education-abroad programs.

Co-curricular international activities: Examples of contributions in this category may include designing a successful new mechanism for extracurricular internationalization (events, programs, services, etc.) or providing exemplary service to international students or scholars, whether or not such service is the focus of the nominee's responsibilities.

Nomination Procedures

The dossier must include a letter of nomination (which may be individually or jointly written) detailing the nominee's contribution to international education as outlined above, plus any other efforts the nominator(s) believe(s) have contributed to Binghamton's goal of becoming a fully internationalized institution. This letter must be accompanied by the nominee's resume or curriculum vitae and at least four additional letters of support written by people personally knowledgeable about the nominee's internationalizing efforts. These letters may be individually or jointly written. Nominators are urged to obtain letters documenting the full range and impact of the nominee's contributions. Additional materials (program descriptions, publications, reports, statistics, etc.) are not required but should be submitted as appropriate to support the nomination.


Nomination dossiers should be submitted electronically to Madhusudhan Govindaraju and Lauren Garnett, at the Office of the Vice Provost for International Education and Global Affairs no later than March 28, 2024.