Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Librarianship


The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship recognizes consistently superior professional achievement in the field of librarianship.

Selection criteria

Nominees for the award must have demonstrated extraordinary performance in the following areas:

  • Skill in Librarianship – There must be positive evidence that the candidate performs superbly in fulfilling librarianship duties, including teaching related to librarianship..
  • Service to the University and to the Profession – There must be evidence that the candidate is flexible and adapts readily to the needs of constituents served. Eligible service areas include contributions to the library, the campus, the State University, the community and the profession.
  • Scholarship and Continuing Professional Growth – The candidate must keep abreast of developments in the field and use relevant contemporary data in relation to that person’s work situation. Evidence in this category should include reference to publications, membership and work in professional organizations, participaton at meetings, seminars, etc.

Eligibility criteria

See the information from the State of New York on the Chancellor's Awards for Excellence for general information on eligibility for any Chancellor's Award.

Academic background

Candidates must hold full-time appointment as a faculty librarian and must possess an ALA-Accredited Master of Library Science (MLS), a master's degree (e.g., MIS) or equivalent (e.g., MLIS).

Academic rank

Candidates may hold any academic rank (as defined in the SUNY Board of Trustees policies: librarian, associate librarian, senior assistant librarian and assistant librarian. Note the State University of New York Policies of the Board of Trustees - January 2022 - Article II §1 (Terms).

Length of service

Nominees must have completed at least three academic years of full-time appointment within the previous five years (years do not need to be consecutive) at the nominating campus prior to the year of nomination. 


Individuals serving as head of the campus library – or of all the libraries for institutions with multiple libraries – are ineligible for nomination. However, the head of the library may be eligible for the Excellence in Professional Service Award if this individual satisfies the other selection and eligibility criteria for that award. Individuals holding qualified academic appointment (as defined in the SUNY Board of Trustees policies: individuals having the titles of academic rank preceded by the designations “visiting” or other similar designations) may not be nominated.

Nomination process

Use the nomination checklist to compile the nomination packet. 

Completed nomination dossiers must be submitted electronically by the dean's office of the nominee's school/college to the Center for Learning and Teaching at no later than Monday, Nov. 27, 2023.

For more information

For information from the State of New York on the Chancellor's Awards for Excellence, visit the web