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Biology Faculty Listing

Andrus, Richard E. - Bartle Associate Professor
Taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of bryophytes

Baust, John G. - Professor
Cellular mechanism of response to low temperature & survival at extremes; mechanisms of cryopreservation of mammalian tissues

Chang, Howard - Assistant Professor
Neurobiology, molecular genetics, host-pathogen interactions

Clark, Anne B. - Associate Professor
Evolutionary biology and behavior

Davies, David - Associate Professor
Microbiology, bacterial physiology, biofilm research

Fiumera, Anthony - Associate Professor
Evolutionary, ecological and conservation Genetics

Fiumera, Heather L. - Associate Professor
Mitochondrial protein biogenesis, mitochondrial genetics, intracellular communication

Horwath, Kathleen - Associate Professor and Undergraduate Co-Director (Student Advising)
Comparative & environmental biochemistry, molecular cell biology, development and physiology of insects

Hua, Jessica - Assistant Professor
Ecology and evolution, phenotypic plasticity, ecotoxicology, disease ecology, aquatic systems

Marques, Claudia - Assistant Professor
Microbiology, antimicrobial tolerance, virulence, biofilms

Masek, Pavel - Assistant Professor
Behavioral neurogenetics - taste and feeding, learning and memory

McGee, Dennis - Professor
Intestinal epithelial cell biology & immunology

Miles, Carol - Associate Professor and Undergraduate Co-Director (Program Administration) 
Neurobiology, development and behavior of insects

Musselman, Laura - Assistant Professor
Diet, aging, obesity, sugar and lipid metabolism

Parker, Matthew - Professor and Graduate Director
Ecological genetics and coevolution in natural communities

Powell, Thomas - Assistant Professor
Coevolution, ecological speciation, evolution and ecology of life history timing in insects

Prior, Kirsten - Assistant Professor
Community ecology and invasive species, antagonistic and mutualistic interactions

Pueschel, Curt - Associate Professor
Cell structure and biology of the algae

Sauer, Karin - Professor and Chair
Biofilm development and resistance

Schertzer, Jeffrey - Assistant Professor
Bacterial communication, toxin trafficking & biofilm formation

Shepherd, Julian - Associate Professor
Reproductive physiology of insects and arachnids

Sobel, James - Assistant Professor
Evolutionary genetics, genomics of adaptation and speciation in plants

Stamp, Nancy - Professor
Plant defense, insect behavior, and science education

Tammariello, Steven - Associate Professor
Equine performance genomics

Titus, John - Associate Professor
Freshwater macrophyte ecology; forest wildflower restoration

Van Buskirk, Robert - Professor
Tissue engineering and organ preservation

Wilson, David Sloan - SUNY Distinguished Professor
Evolutionary and theoretical ecology, evolution of ecological communities, human evolutionary biology

Withers, Michelle - Associate Processor

Zhu, Weixing - Professor
Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and soil ecology

Affiliated Faculty

Blumler, Mark A. - Associate Professor (Geography)
Biogeography, plant ecology, environmental history

Cameron, Nicole - Associate Professor (Psychology)
Effects of early life stressors, neuroendocrinology, mammalia physiology, evolution and behavior

Garruto, Ralph - Professor (Anthropology)
Human population biology, neurodegenerative disorders, epidemiology, gene-environment interactions in health and disease

Lum, Jeffrey Koji - Professor (Anthropology)
Molecular anthropology, forensic genetics, malaria, epidemiology; Melanesia, Micronesia

Merriwether, D. Andrew - Associate Professor (Anthropology)
Molecular anthropology, ancient DNA, population genetics, the Americas and the Pacific Islands

Teaching Faculty

Armstrong, Michael A. - Adjunct Assistant Professor
Introductory Biology

Freeh, Steven M.- Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anatomy & Physiology

French, Alan R. - Adjunct Associate Professor
Anatomy & Physiology

Kearney, Miranda - Visiting Assistant Professor
Introductory Biology

Marcus, Sarah - Visiting Assistant Professor
Introductory Biology

Stryker, Tiffiny - Adjunct Lecturer
Anatomy & Physiology

Faculty Emeritus

Bonamo, Patricia - Professor Emerita
Evolution of early land flora

Gal, Susannah - Professor Emerita
Molecular and cellular biology of a variety of systems

Madison, Dale - Professor Emeritus
Behavioral ecology of terrestrial vertebrates

Michael, Sandra - SUNY Distinguished Service Professor
Endocrinology, immunology and genetics of female reproduction

Mueller, August - Associate Professor Emeritus

Murrish, David - Associate Professor Emeritus
Physiological ecology of vertebrates

Stein, William - Associate Professor Emeritus
Paleobotany and plant evolution

Tan-Wilson, Anna - SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita
Molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology of plants

Wilcox, R. Stimson - Associate Professor Emeritus
Behavioral ecology and communication of animals

Wilson, Karl - Professor Emeritus
Molecular biology and biochemistry of developing plants

Last Updated: 12/21/17