Club Sports

Club Sports

With more than 2,000 student-athletes registered, Binghamton University offers 40+ club sport teams that compete on and off campus or simply come together to recreate.  Campus Recreation's Club Sports are growing every year — now can be your time to join!

The first step to joining any club sport is to attend the club's general interest meeting. If the club has multiple meetings, you only need to attend one! Click the icon below to see the meeting schedule.

Spreadsheet of schedule

Meet the clubs

Follow the links below to meet the clubs. You can also connect with the club on social media or B-Engaged to learn more about upcoming general interest meetings, practices and other ways to get involved.

Aikido Recreational
Badminton Recreational
Baseball Competitive
Basketball (Men's) Competitive
Basketball (Women's) Competitive
Bouldering & Climbing *NEW* Recreational
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Recreational
CrossFit Recreational
Equestrian Competitive
Fencing Recreational with limited competition
Field Hockey Competitive
Golf Recreational with limited competition
Gymnastics Recreational with limited competition
Ice Hockey (Men's) Competitive
Ice Hockey (Women's) Competitive
Kickline Competitive
Kung Fu Recreational
Lacrosse (Men's) Competitive
Lacrosse (Women's) Competitive
Outdoors Recreational
Power & Olympic Lifting *NEW* Recreational
Rowing (Crew) Competitive
Rugby (Men's) Competitive
Rugby (Women's) Competitive
Running Recreational with limited competition
Ski (Downhill race) Competitive
Soccer (Men's) Competitive
Soccer (Women's) Competitive
Softball (slow and fast pitch) Recreational with limited competition
Spikeball Recreational with limited competition
Swim Competitive
Squash *NEW* Recreational
Table Tennis Recreational
Tae Kwon Do Recreational
Tennis Recreational with limited competition
Triathlon Recreational with limited competition
Ultimate Frisbee (Men's) Competitive
Ultimate Frisbee (Women's) Competitive
Volleyball (Men's) Competitive
Volleyball (Women's) Competitive
Water Polo Competitive

Competitive clubs meet as often as two or three times a week to every day of the week. These clubs compete against other colleges and universities in both leagues and tournaments. Some clubs compete in postseason play, including regional and national championships. Most of these clubs have an instructor who assists in supervision, strategy and skill development.

Recreational with limited competition clubs meet on an average of three times per week and compete against other colleges and universities on a selective basis.

Recreational clubs meet on an average of once a week and participate with other members of the club.

Join a club

  1. Attending a GIM (or general interest meeting) is the first step to joining a club. These meetings are typically 30 minutes to an hour long and provide you with a chance to talk with team leaders about practices, time commitment and schedules.
  2. Next, register through B-Engaged. Each club member must have completed all required registration forms prior to participating. Current and future members log into B-Engaged with your BU login id and password.
    1. Once logged in, search "Campus Recreation"
    2. At the top right of the page, select the "Resources" dropdown menu and click on "Surveys & Forms"
    3. Complete and submit the online registration.
    4. Once submitted, approval will be sent back to the member via email. If denied, the member will receive an email.

Watch the clubs

View the schedule of upcoming tournaments, home games and other club sport events.

Support the clubs

Your financial support can help decrease the out of pocket expenses for students and allow them to enjoy all that comes with participating in a club sport. Support your favorite club with a tax-deductible gift today.

Start a club

Interested in starting a club sport at Binghamton? Learn more about the process. 

Inactive clubs include Badminton, Cycling, Handball, Racquetball, Roller Hockey, Shotokan Karate and Washin Ryu Karate. Please contact Club Sports staff if you are interested in reactivating one of these clubs.