Community as classroom

The college has strong connections with local school systems, colleges and universities, healthcare agencies, government organizations, nonprofits and businesses. Our locations at the University Downtown Center and the Vestal main campus make it easy for our students to easily access many of these partners.

Internships are an integral component of the curriculum across all our programs. The college leads Binghamton University in devoted hours to community internships, contributing more than 50,000 hours annually (and growing each year). Examples of our local partners for internships include the Alzheimer’s Association, the Addiction Center of Broome County, the Rural Health Network, the United Way of Broome County, and local government offices, hospitals and schools.

Our faculty are dedicated to meeting the needs of communities across the globe. With a focus on applied research, professors work locally and abroad, implementing an interdisciplinary perspective to address society’s most pressing and complex challenges. Learn more about their research areas.

As just one example of our committment to the larger community,  CCPA partners with local and national organizations to implement and expand Binghamton University Community SchoolsCommunity schools build bridges between community resources, placing the school at the core of the community, to support youth, families, and neighborhoods within and beyond the doors of the classroom. Through integrating community resources, community schools combat intergenerational poverty and create a more equitable school environment leading to increased student success and stronger communities.