Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


All visitors (students, staff, faculty, and guests) should review our COVID-19 Policy before physically interacting with the University Testing Center and its staff.
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General Information

  • Where is the University Testing Center?

    We are located at Library Ground North (LNG) 113, which is in the basement of the Glenn G. Bartle Library Building. The easiest way to reach us is by using the Library Tower elevators to the basement level or going down Stairwell 14, between the Newcomb Reading Room and Jazzman’s Café, and making a left at the bottom of the stairs. Please follow the posted signs.

    Campus map with Bartle Library circled

  • When is proctoring available?
    UTC Staff are available to offer remote assistance Monday-Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. Please email us with any questions.
  • How much does testing with the UTC cost?
    University Testing Center services are included in tuition and fees, therefore, there are no extra charges for Binghamton courses.

    External (non-Binghamton) exams may incur a $25 fee, which must be paid prior to exam administration. Details regarding payment methods and refund policies will be included with the confirmation email.
  • How do exams with the UTC work?
    1. A reservation request is submitted.
    2. UTC staff review and approve appointments.
    3. A confirmation email is sent to the student and instructor.
    4. The instructor provides the exam at least 24 hours in advance.
    5. The exam is administered.
    6. The exam is collected from our office (Photo ID required) or may be emailed to the instructor, within 48 hours, upon request.

    *Students requiring testing accommodations must meet with the Services for Students with Disabilities office prior to their appointment. The UTC has no input in determining or accessing students accommodations and cannot “give” or “change” any accommodation that has not been approved by the SSD office.

  • How do testing accommodations work?

    Students who need special accommodations to complete exams (more time, reading software, accessible furniture, etc.) must make an appointment with the Services for Students with Disabilities office to discuss their circumstances.

    If SSD has approved testing accommodations, the student must request that an accommodation letter be emailed to their instructor. The instructor will then make arrangements to accommodate the student, either on their own (using their own or the department’s resources) or at the UTC. Our services are completely optional. If an instructor chooses to schedule an appointment with the UTC, they must provide information regarding the student's accommodations when submitting a request.

    Please note that the UTC has no input in determining or accessing students accommodations and cannot “give” or “change” any accommodation that has not been approved by the SSD office.

  • Am I required to use the UTC?
    Not at all! Our services are completely optional. Instructors may choose to accommodate their students on their own (using their own or the department’s resources) as long as they meet any disability-related needs, if applicable.
  • How are final exams administered at the UTC?
    The process of scheduling final exams at the UTC is the same as throughout the semester. Due to the high volume of exams administered at the UTC during Finals Week, most students will take their exams in external classrooms. UTC proctors will administer all exams and the check-in process, policies, and standards will be the same as at the UTC office. Students and instructors will receive confirmation emails that state that the student will be informed of their testing location the day prior to their exam, and the student will then get a new email with their classroom assignment, typically in the evening before the appointment date.
  • How do I become a proctor?
    Due to HR regulations and confidentiality concerns, we can only hire Binghamton graduate students to administer exams. External candidates, undergraduate students, and alumni are not eligible for a proctor position at this time. More information, including a job description, can be found on our Applications page.

Scheduling an Exam - Test-Taker

Scheduling an Exam - Instructors

  • How do I schedule an exam for my students?
    The instructor of record for the course can make reservations for their Fall/Spring students using our new RegisterBlast software. Further instructions on how to use the new software and details regarding Summer/Winter exams can be found on our Binghamton Instructors page.
  • How many students can I schedule for an exam?

    Due to extraordinary demand, the UTC is unable to accommodate more than 10 students per exam. Make-up exams will not count towards this limit (please see Can I schedule a make-up exam for my class? for additional information.)

    Professors with exceptional circumstances should contact us to discuss any concerns.

  • Can I schedule a make-up exam for my class?

    Unfortunately, the UTC does not proctor in-class exams for instructors. This includes "alternate" or "make-up" test dates. Large groups of students (>10) taking a make-up exam at the same date and time will need to be proctored by the instructor or an authorized designee at another space.

    Instructors can make appointments for their students taking make-up exams at various times/dates or in smaller groups by using our RegisterBlast software.

  • What if I can’t schedule two business days prior to administration?
    At the University Testing Center, we always do our best to accommodate late-notice requests. However, it is important to note that the UTC administers over 4,000 exams per semester and we cannot always ensure availability for all appointments. Advance notice allows us more flexibility to manage our schedule and deal with any issues that may arise. The less time you give us to plan, the more likely we will be unable to accommodate your needs.
  • Will the UTC proctor an in-class exam in the event of staff absence?
    Due to the number of exams administered across campus, we are unable to proctor in-class exams for instructors; this includes assisting if a TA or instructor is absent from the classroom unexpectedly. In the event you need assistance with exams scheduled to take place outside of the UTC office, please contact your department for assistance securing additional proctors.
  •   Can I reserve the UTC if I provide staffing?

    Unfortunately, the UTC space is not available for reservation by faculty, staff, or students.

    Since appointments are sometimes made with short notice, the UTC cannot anticipate if our space will be empty at a requested date and time. Additionally, having outside personnel in our space presents a security risk and could harm our certification eligibility.

    To reserve a testing room elsewhere on campus, please contact the Course Building and Academic Space Management office for assistance.

  • Can my TA proctor an exam at the UTC?

    Unfortunately, staff from outside our office will not be permitted to proctor students. Oftentimes, the UTC is administering exams for multiple courses simultaneously and having personnel who are only available to assist some students creates a very confusing environment for test-takers.

    TAs, faculty, or other personnel may wait nearby the testing center in case a student has questions and we will contact them to assist. Once all student questions have been answered, we ask that these individuals exit the testing center once again.

Additional Questions