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Accommodated Exams

Please see the table below for additional information regarding accommodated exams:

Make-up Exams

The University Testing Center is an optional resource for faculty. Typically, the UTC does not schedule Binghamton University exams directly with students. If your instructor has directed you to contact our office, they may have made arrangements for your make-up exam and have requested that you select a time that fits in your schedule. You can do that by navigating to your myCourses page. Please see the video below for detailed directions:

Online Exams

If you are taking an online course with Binghamton University in the Fall or Spring semester, it will be treated the same as all Binghamton University examinations. Please see the directions for Accommodated Exams, Make-up Exams, or Rescheduling an Existing Appointment as appropriate.

If you are taking an online course with Binghamton University during the Winter or Summer semester and your instructor has indicated that you must receive in-person proctoring from an approved center (not specifically the UTC), please go to our RegisterBlast site to schedule an appointment and select the "Summer/Winter Online Course - Binghamton University" exam group. Please note that the UTC does not offer remote (off-campus) proctoring. If you need proctoring outside of Binghamton University's main campus, contact your instructor for additional directions.

If you are a Binghamton Student taking an external examination, please see the "External (Non-Binghamton) Exam" directions below.

Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP)

The University Testing Center administers several exams for the Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP) at Binghamton University. For directions regarding these exams, please navigate to the TRIP website or contact the TRIP Coordinator, Beth Polzin, at 607-777-6556 for additional details.

Reschedule an Existing Appointment

Most exams with the UTC must be rescheduled by the professor with few exceptions. Please see the table below for additional information appropriate to your situation:

Cancel an Appointment

Please see the tutorial video below for information on how to cancel an appointment:

External (Non-Binghamton) Exams

The University Testing Center will administer external examinations for outside instutions, organizations, and companies for a small fee. Please navigate to our External (Non-Binghamton) Exams page for more information.

Other Exams

If your exam type is not listed above, please contact us for assistance.

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