Remote (Off-Campus) Proctoring

The University Testing Center does not offer remote (off-campus) proctoring.

Students attempting to schedule remote or off-campus testing should contact their instructor for additional assistance.

Binghamton University Instructors

While the University Testing Center does not offer remote or off-campus proctoring, there are several in-person and online options that instructors may utilize at their discretion.

The University Testing Center does not endorse and
cannot guarantee the quality of services provided by
outside institutions, organizations, or companies.

Instructors and/or departments should carefully evaluate proctors to ensure they are appropriate for their exam(s). The UTC is not responsible for any errors, procedural failures, or exam security concerns that arise from services provided outside of our office.

In-Person Proctoring

One option that instructors may utilize to provide their students with alternate test accommodations is in-person proctoring. These services are provided by an institution, organization, or company outside of Binghamton University and occur at a designated location. Some directory resources you may consider are:

  • The OpenSUNY Proctoring Database which lists testing centers vetted and approved for the OpenSUNY online course program. This database is maintained by Stony Brook University. For details on the criteria for test administrators, you can visit their website.
  • The NCTA Proctoring Network is a referral service provided by the National College Testing Association (NCTA). Some of these offices (including the UTC) have been certified by the NCTA as an accredited testing center. Certification status is indicated in the testing center's profile or by navigating to the NCTA's website. For additional information on the criteria for becoming a certified testing center, please contact us.

The UTC does not maintain these directory resources and cannot guarantee the accuracy of listings. Any concerns regarding discrepancies or outdated information should be directed to Stony Brook University or the National College Testing Association, as appropriate.

Online Proctoring

Another option that instructors may consider for test administration is online proctoring. These services are typically provided by a testing company, occur at a location designated by the test taker, and are proctored using technological resources. Processes for administration vary by company and the testing package purchased.

The UTC does not have a relationship with any testing vendor and cannot provide information about their services. Please follow up with their respective customer service office for assistance.


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