Photography Services

University Photographer Jonathan Cohen offers a full range of photographic services in support of the University's communications and marketing efforts.

He produces original photographs that tell Binghamton stories and appear in University publications and on our website. He also maintains an extensive image library, a flickr repository of University images available for use and provides Binghamton's Daily Photo.

 Learn more about:

  • Requesting photography services

    What we shoot

    • The University photographer will shoot major Binghamton University events and activities.
    • We cannot support department, office, club or organization celebrations and parties due to limited resources and time constraints.
    • Headshots and group shots will only be photographed for University Communications and Marketing.
    • Studio/outdoor portraits will only be photographed for editorial purposes; each request will be reviewed.
    • If your request is for a project being coordinated or managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing, tell your C&M contact you are requesting new photography and that person will work directly with the University photographer.

    To submit a request for review

    • If you believe your request requires the services of the University's photographer, and you are a faculty/staff member or a student representing a particular college or school, please contact your college or school's Communication Manager:
    • Other inquiries can be sent to Jonathan Cohen,
    • If you are requesting an 8 by 10-inch headshot, please send your request to Kim Spaulding, Headshots may be used for Binghamton University purposes only. 
    • Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance, and even earlier if the photo shoot falls on a weekend or in the evening; we will review your request.

    If we cannot fulfill your request

    • See the tips below on shooting your own photos.
    • Ask us for suggestions on freelance photographers/student photographers (Communications and Marketing is not responsible for any charges billed by these photographers).
  • Freelance photographers and stock images
    • Use of Communications and Marketing stock photography and the work of the University photographer is allowed at no charge for on-campus clients.
    • Communications and Marketing is not responsible for any charges billed by off-campus photographers for the use of their photographs/services or for charges for any stock photography requested by our clients.
    • If you use an outside photographer's work, copyrighted photographs or other copyrighted art in your publication or on your website, you (as the client) are obliged to pay for it.
    • If you use stock photography for your website or publication, it is your responsibility to secure the usage rights for those images.
    • You cannot pull an image off another website and post it to your site.
    • Communications and Marketing is not responsible for any charges incurred for the use of images provided to us by our clients without proper permission.
  • Requesting a digital photo from the archive
    • Traditional print photographs are no longer available.
    • Submit requests for digital images to Kim Spaulding at; be sure to state how and where the image is to be used. We will review your request.
    • Requests are limited to 5 images per person, per semester.
    • Images taken to illustrate a specific article in a publication will not be released until after the article is published.
    • Images of varsity athletes currently playing under NCAA regulations will not be honored; direct those requests to Communications and Sports Information in the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.
    • If you are a member of the media seeking permission to use a University image, contact Ryan Yarosh at Note that requests may take up to 2 weeks to be processed.
  • Use of University photos
    • All photographs taken by University photographers and those appearing on are copyrighted and intended for the promotion and marketing of Binghamton University.
    • Photographs are not intended for commercial reproduction or personal use, and should not be used out of the context of their intended use or altered beyond basic cropping and resizing.
    • Questions regarding image copyright or the use of a photograph for Binghamton University materials, as well as requests from external organizations wishing to purchase University photographs, should be directed to Greg Delviscio, vice president, University Communications and Marketing, at
  • Tips for taking headshots and group photos


    • Individual portraits (headshots) are most easily done outside in the shade, rather than indoors or in direct sun.
    • Use a camera with a zoom lens set to its longest telephoto setting. This will blur the background to keep distracting details to a minimum.
    • Use a tripod or, if that is not possible, hold the camera very steady. Camera-shake is the primary reason for blurry photos.
    • Crop the photos tightly. If you want to show a person's face, do not include a huge blank wall behind your subject.

    Group shots

    • Avoid lining everyone up against a wall; instead, try shooting from a high angle with the group looking up at the camera or arrange the group around a couch or chairs, with some sitting and some standing.
    • Take several shots.
    • Shoot at an angle to walls, rather than straight on.
    • Shoot your images at the highest/largest resolution; check the settings on your camera before taking photos.
    • Note: The University photographer is not available to edit/digitally enhance your photos.

Directions to Photo/Video Studio

Photo/Video Studio: Lecture Hall basement (LH-B90)

Enter the Lecture Hall (the closest entrance to the studio faces Science 1/Einstein Bros. Bagel Co.) and continue through the circular hallway until you reach the stairwell closest to Lecture Hall 8 and a blue curved wall. Take the stairs down. At the bottom of the stairs, proceed straight ahead through two doorways until you reach the end of the hall. Turn left and continue down the hall until you see Room B90 on the right.