Web Services

The Web Team within University Communications and Marketing works with individuals, departments, colleges, schools and units throughout the University to develop, maintain and organize webpages on binghamton.edu.

To request a new website or significant redesign/reorganization of an existing site:

Submit a project request to get started. But before you do, we encourage you to review the information on our Request a Project webpage. You may also find it informative to review the University’s World Wide Web policy or learn about the philosophy guiding the University’s website.

Having trouble making changes to your existing site?

Omni CMS is the University’s content management system used for our website. If you’re having trouble making changes to your webpages using Omni CMS, submit an Omni CMS trouble ticket. Check our resources page for other types of Omni support.

Looking for ways to enhance your webpages?

The University’s webpages are built in Omni CMS using a single, basic template. This ensures the pages maintain responsiveness for mobile devices, as well as reflect the University’s brand identity and image. The Omni CMS Toolkit has been developed to provide you with options for customizing your webpages built on these templates. These applications or “tools” can be incorporated as “snippets” or elements on your webpages.