Community Service

FAQ About Court Sanctioned Community Service at Facilities Management

Q: Who should I contact?

A: Kristen Duff  or 607-777-3320.  Email preferred. The assignment is issued by email with details regarding how to reach the supervisor.

Q: What should I provide?

A: The name of the court that assigned the sanction, the number of hours needed, your contact information including email and phone number, as well as your availability for completing the hours. Please note that supervisor phone lines are unable to make out of area calls. It is up to the student to create and keep a schedule with their supervisor. It is also the student's responsibility to complete their sanction in the time allotted by the court. Students who fail to report as scheduled may be turned away and it would be their responsibility to find another service opportunity with another organization.

Q: How does the program work?

A: Court sanctioned community service (CSCS) students typically work assigned hours with a Facilities Management (PF) assignment. The student is monitored through completion and is evaluated at the end of the service hours in eight categories. Facilities Management sends the record of hours and the evaluation directly to the court with a University cover letter.

Q: How are the Community Service hours scheduled?

A: The majority of scheduling occurs between 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. There may be weekend and evening opportunities upon request.

Q: What kind of service will be assigned?

A: If you choose to complete your hours at Facilities Management, you can contact Kristen Duff when you are ready to start your assignment. You should schedule Community Service in a timely manner after the sanction is assigned. Tasks are custodial in nature and typically consist of: sweeping, cleaning windows, assisting with trash removal, possible snow removal  including clearing fire hydrants from snow.

Q: Can I complete my Community Service hours somewhere else?

A: This question can be best answered by the issuing court. If you begin your assignment with Facilities Management but want to complete it elsewhere, you must get approval for the change from the issuing court. Facilities Management is unable to approve community service done at other locations.

General Information

Facilities Management liaison Kristen Duff has familiarity with the following court reporting requirements: Office of Student Conduct, Vestal Town Court, Binghamton City Court, Johnson City Court, and school of Pharmacy sanctions. Others as needed. If a student is sanctioned, the hours completed for one sanction cannot be used to satisfy the hours of remaining sanction(s). CSCS cannot be used as credit toward any class. Also note that due to FERPA law, Facilities Management cannot speak to parents regarding any assignment.