Late Withdrawal Petition Information

Binghamton University requires students to withdraw from any individual course(s) by the posted course withdrawal deadline, which for full semester courses occurs at the end of the ninth week of the semester. Half semester courses have adjusted deadlines (see the Office of Financial Aid and Student Records for deadlines).

If students face special circumstances and wish to petition to withdraw from a course after the posted deadline, they may submit a late withdrawal petition. Harpur College requires that students present documented unforeseen circumstances beyond their control for consideration of their request to late withdraw from a class. Decisions are based on the extraordinary nature of the student's circumstances and the timeliness of the petition. Instructor’s support does not constitute an approval. Please review the information below about the late withdrawal petition process.


  1. Schedule an appointment to speak to a Harpur Advisor to discuss your decision to withdraw.
  2. It is recommended that you speak to your instructor to discuss your progress in the course.
  3. If you decide to proceed with the withdrawal request, submit the online late course withdrawal petition through BU Brain.
  4. **IMPORTANT** You should continue attending the course until you receive a decision about your petition. 

Results of your petition will be emailed to you ar your Binghamton email address. When further investigation is required, decisions may take longer.

If your petition is approved, you will be billed a $20 Late Withdrawal Feed. Approved petitions will be processed by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Records within 5 business days. 

If your petition is denied, we encourage you to discuss your next steps with a Harpur Academic Advisor. 

Common Questions About the Late Withdraw Petition Process
1. What should I do if I have a hold on my account? 

Students with holds on their account should go to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Records (FASR) and request assistance in withdrawing from a course prior to the Withdrawal Deadline. FASR can only assist with changes to your current registration, not registering for a future semester. 

2. Should I continue to attend class until I receive a decision about my petition? 

Yes, because your petition may not be approved. 

3. If my instructor or advisor supports my late withdrawal, will it be approved? 

Course instructors and academic advisors do not grant withdrawals. Their comments are taken into consideration, but Harpur College is the deciding authority. 

4. Does it matter when in the semester I submit my petition? 

Timeliness is a key consideration when Harpur College considers your late withdrawal petition. Students should petition to withdraw promptly after the circumstances arise, rather than waiting until later in the semester. If you have questions about the timeliness of your petition, please discuss them with a Harpur Academic Advisor. 

5. What conditions must apply for the petition to be considered?
  • The circumstances leading to the petition must be considered unforeseen by the university and occur after the official withdrawal deadline. 
  • The circumstances must be considered by the university to be beyond a student's control. 
  • The circumstances must be considered by the university to be serious. 
  • The circumstances must be documented and verifiable. 
6. What are some examples of circumstances that don't count as a reason for a late withdrawal?
  • Changing your major
  • Planning to repeat a course
  • Receiving a grade on a test or assignment after the withdrawal deadline
  • An increase in workload
  • Realizing after the deadline that you will receive a poor grade in the course
  • No longer needing to maintain full-time status
  • Planning to transfer to another school
  • Financial considerations

*This list is not all-inclusive. 

7. Will Harpur College consider my petition if I have a significant physical or health issue? 

If you have a physical or mental health issue that interferes with your course work substantially enough that you request to withdraw from a course, your medical situation is likely significant enough that you should withdraw from all courses from the semester. It is quite uncommon for Harpur College to grant a withdrawal from only one course for mental or physical health reasons. Students wishing to pursue a medical withdrawal for the semester may wish to pursue the matter with the Dean of Students Office. If you wish to petition Harpur College to withdraw from only one course for mental or physical health reasons, you should explain why this situation affects only this course and submit official documentation of the circumstances. 

8. Can I petition for late withdrawal from a course after classes have ended for that semester? 

Granting this sort of petition is extremely rare. In the vast majority of circumstances, a petition to withdraw from a course after the end of classes does not meet the timeliness requirement.

9. Can I appeal my denied late withdrawal petition? 

Yes, you can appeal your denied late withdrawal petition. Please email with a statement indicating why your petition should be approved. The Harpur College Academic Standards Committee will review your petition. You will be invited to a meeting to answer questions the Committee may have. Generally, you will receive the meeting results by the end of the next day. The results will be emailed to your Binghamton email account. This is the final level of appeal.