Harpur Academic Recovery Program (H.A.R.P)

Harpur Academic Recovery Program (H.A.R.P.) is an initiative from the Harpur Advising Office to assist students within their first semester of academic probation. The primary goal of H.A.R.P. is to help students identify and address the root issues of their academic difficulties. Additionally, the program aims to build a community of support among these students.


The overarching belief of H.A.R.P. is that students with academic challenges will be able to better overcome these obstacles if they establish meaningful connections on campus. Through relationships with peers and professional staff on campus, we can work together towards a solution. Academic difficulty is a reality faced by many students in college. The H.A.R.P. team works with other offices on campus to assist students in their pursuit of improved academics.

Program Format

H.A.R.P. students are required to complete a self-assessment, H.A.R.P. contract, and an Academic Success Plan to establish their goals and identify the concerns they would like to address. Upon successful completion of the program and class, students will be eligible for an Academic Reset, meaning that the first "probation" notation will be removed from their transcript. 

HARP 201

H.A.R.P. students are required to enroll in HARP 201, an 8 week course designed to assist them in addressing their academic, social, and mental well-being. Topics covered in HARP 201 include academic writing, motivation, major/minor selection, and mental health. Additionally, students will be introduced to various campus resources that can assist them in their journey towards improving their academic performance.

How do I sign up?

Harpur Advising will email eligible students prior to the start of the semester. Detailed instructions will be in the email invitation, along with the self assessment and HARP 201 times.

HARP Team Members