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Important message from Harpur Edge regarding COVID-19 updates:

The Harpur Edge office is now ‘virtual’ to promote social distancing. We will continue to be open via Zoom, Monday through Friday, 10am–5pm when classes are in session. Please visit our virtual office at this link if you have any questions on how we can help you get a personal and professional edge.

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About Harpur Edge

Harpur Edge gives students a jump-start on their future by providing connections to resources on and off campus, sponsoring enrichment programming and supporting student-driven initiatives.

Discover Harpur Edge

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Harpur Edge Programs

Find your edge with high-impact learning experiences for Harpur College students. We provide opportunities to connect with alumni, find a mentor, design and conduct a community project and more!

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Harpur Edge Office Space

The Harpur Edge office provides a relaxing space which serves as a creative and collaborative hub for students—where student associates help connect undergraduates with helpful resources.

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