Harpur Edge Student Art Exhibition

Student Art Exhibition at Harpur Edge

Harpur Edge is looking to collaborate with Harpur students to display a variety of student-produced art in our Library North office! Participating students will be able to expand their artistic reach as well as gain familiarity with installation processes. Overall, Harpur Edge is here to bring your art into the public sphere! 

Open Gallery Night

Harpur Edge will host an Open Gallery Night, where student artists and attendees are welcome to view the exhibiting art, speak to the artists themselves, watch student films, and enjoy musical performances! All undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit work to be displayed during Gallery Night.

Open Gallery Night will be held from 5 pm – 7 pm on Friday November 19th, at the Harpur Edge office located in Library North 1105.

Media Accepted
  • Harpur Edge will accept student films, recording of student monologues/student-produced work, recordings of musical performances, as well as 2D work including drawings, paintings, photography and mixed media. 3D work, such as sculptures, will be considered for a one-time showing at Open Gallery Night to ensure the safety of the piece.
  • Eligible work may be created inside or outside of the classroom, we accept passion projects and/or classroom assignments. 
  • All submitted work must have been created during the student’s time at Binghamton.
Criteria for Selection
  • Harpur Edge encourages all levels of artists, beginning, intermediate, and advanced to submit work. 
  • Harpur Edge will accept a high volume of work for Open Gallery Night, and then from this batch a limited number of pieces will be selected to remain in the office throughout the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Students can submit up to two pieces of work.
  • Harpur Edge respects the integrity of all artists and their work, but will not be able to accept pieces that include swear words, obscenities, nor sexual imagery.
Submission Process & Notification

The submission deadline for student-produced artwork is October 22nd 11:59pm.

  • All submitted works will be considered by Harpur Edge student staff. Students will be notified via email by October 29th.
  • If you are accepted, we may ask select students for higher resolution digital images/films/recordings etc.

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If you have any further questions, please contact harpuredge@binghamton.edu or walk into the office located in Library North 1105.