What is SEML?


Our facilities feature a Smart Electronics Manufacturing Laboratory (SEML), propelling us into Industry 4.0 with smart, interconnected machine tools which serve to improve the assembly process in electronics manufacturing.

We highlight Koh Young Technology Inc., based in Seoul, Korea, as our initial  sponsor for this 2016 establishment, and value our 6 collaborative partners for making this smart factory possible. The projected value of SEML is 205.24 Billion (USD) by 2022, with a growth rate of 9.3% per year.

Our objective of SEML is to develop smart electronics manufacturing solutions using data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI) principles to assemble different types of sophisticated electronics components, and surface mount assembly (SMA; module assembled with SMT) line which consists of a set of sequential procedures/equipment; stencil printing process (SPP), mounting, and solder reflow.


Further, we focus on advanced robotic solutions to assist SMA line and revolutionize electronics manufacturing process with improved yield and productivity.

With automatic optimization, real-time intelligence techniques and implementing advanced analytical approaches to large data collected from various equipment in SMT, the smart electronic manufacturing systems can optimize current SMA line operations with:

  • Fewer defects
  • High productivity
  • Increased reliability
  • Cost efficiency

For more info about SEML, please contact Jae Lee at jaelee@binghamton.edu