It is the curiosity, work ethics, and values behind people that drive innovation. An interrelated network of people with skill and the sharing of valuable knowledge is required to efficiently solve the complexities found in the field of electronics packaging.


 The IEEC is uniquely positioned to house all of the above, and promotes the growth and development in people, the field, the industry, and the community.

We aim to:

CONNECT industry needs with opportunity for faculty and students through collaborative research projects.

IDENTIFY PROBLEMS and provide technical solutions to our clients.

TRAIN students and clients on cutting-edge equipment to add value to projects.

EDUCATE students through research.

RESEARCH to simplify and solve the challenges in electronics packaging, integrate AI, and advance towards Industry 4.0.



Assemble your prototypes and enhance product reliability with our AI integrated SMT Assembly Line.









You may access conference room reservations for Symposium with this link:



Join us at the 31st Annual Electronics Packaging Symposium hosted by IEEC and GE Research!

In celebration of the achievements made in our SEMLab in partnership with Koh Young Techonology, a luncheon and a time of recognition took place on July 30.   Seven faculty members and graduate students were recognized for their research contributions to the development of the lab. 

A special congratulations to the 4 student recepients of the IEEC Award for Excellence in Research!


Congratulations to the selected Projects for the year 2019-2020!

Pritam Das
Power-electronic Modular Power Conversion System for Batteries integration to AC system

Manuel Smeu

Computing Thermal Conductivity in Materials form First Principles

Eric Cotts
The Mechanical and Electromigration Behavior of Pb Free Solder Joints containing Bi: High Melt-Low Melt Solder Interconnect Structures for SMT Applications.

Chuan-Jian Zhong & Mark Poliks
Through-Hole Filling for Fabricating Microelectrode Array Chip and 3D Printing for Constructing Plug-and-Play Sensor Platform

Paul Chiarot & Peter Huang 

Electronics Cooling Using Electrospray

Congrui Jin
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Adhesion Enhancement of Copper/Glass and Polyimide/Glass Interfaces

Seokheun (Sean) Choi
High-Density and High-Performance Paper-based Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Nikolay Dimitrov
Understanding and Preventing Microjoint Defects Through Design and Process Control

Scott Schiffres & Changhong Ke

Laser 3D Printing Cooling Devices onto Semiconductors

Jeffrey Mativetsky
A Polymer Composite Interlayer for Reliable Thermal Cycling of Printed Electronics

Thank you to all applicants for their submissions. Although we were unable to match with all, we look foward to the possibility of matching in the next cycle of submissions.

We would also like to thank our TAB members for their time and support in mentorship and evaluation throughout the process.



Session topics:

  • 2.5/3D Packaging
  • mm Wave in Packaging
  • Automotive & Harsh Environments
  • Bioelectronics
  • Flexible & Additive Electronics
  • Materials for Packaging & Energy Storage
  • MEMS
  • Photonics
  • Power Electronics
  • Sensors, Embedded Electronics & IoT
  • Thermal Challenges
  • Wearable and Flexible Electronics for Medical Applications

31st Annual Electronics Packaging Symposium- Small Systems Integration

GE Research and IEEC are proud to host the 31st Annual Electronics Packaging Symposium- Small Systems Integration.

This two-day program brings together leaders in academia, industry and government to share up-to-date quality information on various topics of electronics packaging, and provides opportunities to network, share expertise, learn, and build partnerships.

Our program includes a line-up of distinguished speakers, technical presentations, a half-day IEEE Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Workshop, a student poster session with students from Universities in NY, and exhibits from leading companies.

Visit our symposium page for details, or REGISTER NOW!


Check out the summer MEPTEC Report.


Pooled Research Projects for the year 2019-2020

Faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals for an opportunity to be "seed" funded by the IEEC, up to 50k, on collaborative projects with industry TAB members.

Please take a look at our guidelines for more information on the proposal, and visit our member portal for more information on our TAB members and their project needs.

Submission deadline: April 30, 2019

Please submit to:

Awarding of the 2019-2020 Pooled Research Projects: May 15, 2019

Please contact the above address with questions or requests for access to the above information.

IEEC to receive Outstanding Research Award, presented by Koh Young Technology, Inc.




Working together for nearly 3 years in SEML, Koh Young Technology Inc. has been a part of providing invaluable technical support with the smart factory, and together, our research has advanced in fine-tuning SMT to feature accuracy, reliability and process optimization.

Thank you Koh Young Technology Inc., for this recognition and your valued partnership.



A visit from Tioga Hills Elementary School

tioga hills tioga hills

Yet again, another fun-filled day with our young friends from Tioga Hills Elementary School. On Monday, April 29, Research Scientists Dr. Jung, Dr. Sharma, and Dr. Proper, from the Analytical and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADL), met with fourth-graders to give a tour of the lab. The students were able to learn about scientist works and the kinds of equipment used, along with experimenting with liquid nitrogen in a safe yet fun environment.

A visit from Vestal Hills Elementary School



On Friday, March 29, the Analytical and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADL), a fellow member of our family of research centers, provided a lab tour for our special visitors from Vestal Hills Elementary School.

The tour provided an opportunity for fourth grade students to see firsthand the works of a scientist and the equipment they use.

Scientist Jenny Proper, showed what it would be like to see specimens and pollen samples in high resolution under an electron microscope, while Senior Scientist Anju Sharma, engaged the students in interactive experiments with liquid nitrogen, by freezing flowers and cheese puffs, to highlight its properties and portray the effects, in a fun manner.

The lab tour allowed for students to walk away with an educational experience beyond the classroom, taking away with them the values and possibilities offered in the field of science.

 2019 Binghamton University Industry Day



We would like to place a special thanks to ASE for graciously hosting our successful "Binghamton University Industry Day."

This event took place in San Jose, California, where our IEEC Director, SB Park and Associate director, Benson Chan, together with the S3IP team, provided companies on the west coast an opportunity to learn about the uniqueness of our centers and labs.

Topics of interest were:

• Thermal management, failure analysis, reliability improvement, material properties and mechanics for electronics manufacturing, including heterogeneous integration

• Advances in Industry 4.0 automation for electronics manufacturing lines

• Progress in commercialization of flexible hybrid electronics

• Techniques for data center energy efficiency improvement

• Warpage Engineering and stress reduction for improved assembly and reliability

More information on this event to come.

 Technical Advisory Board Meeting


Thank you to our Technical Advisory Board, faculty and staff members for attending our Technical Advisory Board Meeting held on March 12, 2019.

At this meeting, industry members shared their project needs, while faculty members shared their research topics. This opened the floor for potential collaboration on Pooled Research Projects for the year 2019-2020.

Faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals for an opportunity to be "seed" funded by the IEEC.

Deadline for submission of research proposals: April 30, 2019

Awarding of the 2019-2020 Pooled Research Projects: May 15, 2019

Please take a look at our guidelines.

Proposals may be submitted to

You may also contact the above address with questions or requests for more information regarding our TAB member presentations.