headshot of Junghyun Cho

Junghyun Cho

Professor; Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Faculty Development

Mechanical Engineering; Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science

Research Interests

  • Materials
  • ceramic films
  • metals and alloys
  • microstructure design of advanced materials
  • mechanical property
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headshot of Changhong Ke

Changhong Ke


Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Experimental mechanics of 1D and 2D nanostructures
  • nanoscale adhesion and interfaces
  • nanocomposites
  • bio-inspired complex and hybrid nano-systems
  • and NEMS
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headshot of Bruce T. Murray

Bruce T. Murray

Bartle Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Computational modeling
  • heat and mass transfer
  • mechanobiology
  • materials processing
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headshot of James M. Pitarresi

James M. Pitarresi

Vice Provost; Vice Provost; Distinguished Teaching Professor; Vice Provost for Online and Innovation Education

Center for Learning and Teaching; Mechanical Engineering; Academic Affairs, Office of the Executive VP and Provost

Research Interests

  • Computational mechanics
  • vibration modeling and testing
  • opto-mechanical techniques
  • electronic packaging
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headshot of Bahgat G. Sammakia

Bahgat G. Sammakia

Director of CHIRP at Binghamton University; Distinguished Professor; Vice President for Research; Dir of CHIRP at Binghamton Univ; Center Director of ES2; Director, S3IP; Center Director of ES2; Vice President for Research; Director, S3IP

Center for Heterogeneous Integration Research in Packaging (CHIRP); Mechanical Engineering; Center for Energy- Smart Electronic Systems (ES2); Research, Office of the Vice President for; S3IP – Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging

Research Interests

  • Heat Transfer
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Thermal Management of Data Centers
  • Heterogeneous Integration Research
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headshot of Kirill Zaychik

Kirill Zaychik


Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Flight and ground vehicle simulation
  • man-machine systems control systems (theory and application)
  • human operator modeling
  • parameter identification
  • micro-macro system dynamics analysis
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headshot of Pu Zhang

Pu Zhang

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Composite and architected material
  • Constitutive modeling
  • Multiscale and multiphysics simulation
  • Additive and hybrid manufacturing
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headshot of Jingzhou (Frank) Zhao

Jingzhou (Frank) Zhao

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Solidification nanomanufacturing processes
  • Interfacial transport dynamics and control
  • In-situ sensing systems
  • High-temperature thermal energy storage materials
  • Applied machine learning
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headshot of Guangwen Zhou

Guangwen Zhou

Professor; Associate Director, Institute of Materials Research; Deputy Director of Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests

  • Materials Science
  • Atomistic mechanisms of surface and interface phenomena
  • In situ electron microscopy in materials research
  • Materials modeling
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Emeritus Faculty

Frank Cardullo

Frank Cardullo
Professor Emeritus
Flight simulation, vehicle dynamics, man-machine systems

Fillo John Fillo
Professor Emeritus
McGrann Roy McGrann
Professor Emeritus
Mechanical engineering design, computer-aided engineering, project management, engineering education

Adjunct Faculty

Arad Azizi 

Morteza Bagheri

Jason Gilbert

Research Faculty

Arad Aziz

Morteza Haji Bagheri 

William Chen 

Leila Choobineh

Fatemeh Hejripour Rafsanjani

Dorel Homentcovschi

Al Ortega

Srikanth Rangarajan

Gamal Refai-Ahmed

Mohammad Tradat

Professional and Academic Advisors

A team of people within the department and across the campus guides students in the development of their intellectual life and prepares them to contribute constructively to a world that is rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent.

Industrial Advisory Board

Joseph Kolly '88, Board Chair
Director, Transportation Innovation Center

Shari Sterling
Director, Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Lockheed-Martin Corporation
Koen Gieskes 
VP for Engineering and Research
Universal Instruments Corporation
Chris Kopec '96
Facilities Group Manager
McFarland Johnson

Stephan Meschter, MS '87, PhD '01
Staff Design Engineer
BAE Systems
Tony Tsang, MS '11
General Manager
Pumpman – Pump Systems (Federal Pump & Alyan Pump)
Liang Yin, MS '03, PhD '05
Electronic Packaging Engineer
GE Global Research

E. Duane Daddis, Jr. PE, LEED, AP '88
Associate Director of Engineering, Applied Rooftop Products
Carrier North America HVAC Commercial Systems

Mechanical Engineering Student Advisory Committee (MESAC)

Contact MESAC:  

Emma Pawliczak 

Samuel Peterfreund


Kirstie Chinchilla 

Joseph Green

Rachel Koppelman

Sasha Noble

Alexandra Portas


Sam Abramson

Jules Verrino


McKenzie Viersma 

Annabelle Hohne 

Student groups

There are a number of honor societies and student organizations that represent various engineering and computer science disciplines in which Watson College students can participate.