Mechanical Engineering Newsletter 2018

The Engineer cover

MacGyver meets science fiction

Move over captains, mercenaries and cyborgs, the hero of this science fiction novel is an engineer inspired by alumnus Darran Handshaw's own experience in research and development.

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 SB Park headshot

SB Park to receive Excellence in Mechanics Award

The award is from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in the Electronics and Photonics Packaging Division.

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 Coffee rings

Avoiding coffee rings in inkjet printing

Have you ever looked closely at the ring your coffee mug leaves behind? Inkjet printer create a similar effect. 

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 Headshot of Mir Jalil Razavi

Mir Jalil Razavi: New mechanical engineering faculty member

Razavi hopes to eventually establish a Brain Research Center to better understand brain functionality and disorders.

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 Car crash impact

Collecting energy from impact and vibration

Researchers are working on systems that will allow energy harvesters to generate electricity from the mechanical vibrations of a wide range of sources.

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 Ron miles in anechoic chamber

Engineer creates new design for ultra-thin capacitive sensors

It hasn't previously been feasible to use capacitive sensing on extremely flexible, thin materials because they've needed to resist electrostatic forces that can either damage them or impede their movement.

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 Sherry Towfighian

Increasing actuator range of motion

Research from Binghamton University has reconfigured micro-actuators to create sensors with 10 times the range of motion.

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