4+1 BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering

Completing a master's degree can help push your career prospects to the next level. Save time and money by completing Binghamton University's 4+1 BS/MS Program in Mechanical Engineering.

4+1 Programs in Mechanical Engineering

Step-By-Step Instructions found here.
Application requirements found here.

Students may double count two graduate-level courses as technical electives in their senior year. These courses also count towards the MS degree requirements. For ME electives that are cross-listed as 400/500 level, students in the 4+1 BS/MS program should register for the graduate level course. 

Junior Year

Step 1. Complete the 4+1 Intent Application, located on your my.binghamton portal.  (3.3 minimum GPA required. If your GPA is less than 3.3, you can still apply and your application is considered on a case-by-case basis)

Step 2.  If your intent is accepted you will then be able to register for graduate coursework during your senior year of study. (Contact Bridget Tiska for assistance)

  1. Register for ME 535 during spring registration for fall of your senior year. 

Senior Year

Step 3. Register for a second graduate course in spring. 

Step 4. Apply for admission to Graduate School in BU Brain. 

            a. Pay $75 application fee.

            b. Follow instructions in acceptance letter from Graduate School to “confirm intent to continue.” 

Step 5. Spring of senior year: Register for graduate courses for fifth year during registration period. 

Step 6. Students have the option to complete their project or internship in the Summer. Must register in May.

Summer between senior year and fifth year (MS)

Step 7. Attend orientation in late August. 

Step 8. If applicable: Summer internship (MS project requirement).

Benefits of a 4+1 BS/MS mechanical engineering degree

  • Save time: get into the job market faster by completing both a bachelor's and master's in only five years.
  • Save money: Students in the 4+1 BS/MS Program can double count graduate level courses at the cost of undergraduate courses.
  • Start off looking for more advanced careers at the MS level with only one additional year of study.
  • Have a greater potential for a higher starting salary from one of the best colleges for return on investment according to WalletHub 2023.

Hear what some of our alumni have to say about the program.


“The faculty was consistently encouraging research, design, and application of knowledge in and out of the classroom throughout both of my degrees. Working toward my MS allowed me to further these relationships in a way that empowered me to discover who I am and what I value as a design engineer. All of these experiences helped me to transition seamlessly into my first post-grad position.

- Riley Heywood ’20, MS ’21
Drivetrain Design Engineer for John Deere


The 4+1 program was incredibly helpful for jump starting my career. The program provided me with opportunities to receive personalized one-on-one feedback from the amazing faculty that improved my work as an engineer and as a learner. The option to do a concentration in manufacturing and design gave me a competitive advantage towards landing a job within that field. I am now working as a mechanical design engineer at Moog, designing test equipment for flight critical hardware for aircrafts.  

- Gabrielle Mondschein '19, MS '20
Mechanical design engineer at Moog

Corrinne MondellReceiving my master's degree from the 4+1 program gave me a significant advantage over other job applicants and allowed me to start my position at a higher salary. The practical engineering experience I learned, such as 3D modeling and finite element analysis, directly helped me land the position I'm at today, where I conduct FEA structural analyses on submarines as an engineer for NAVSEA.  The Mechanical Engineering Department taught me technical skills and knowledge that allowed me to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam on the first try.

- Corinne Montell '19. MS '20
Mechanical Engineer at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

David Bremer

The wonderful faculty of the Binghamton University ME department helped me develop valuable hands-on, professional, and analytical skills that I still employ today. The challenging experiences of the 4+1 Program made me both a better engineer and a better person, and the people I met through my time at Binghamton University helped to form some of my most cherished memories. I am forever grateful for my time spent among the people of Binghamton University.

- David Bremer '18, MS '19
Spring 2018, President's Honors, Summa Cum Laude. 

Headshot of Ami BhavsarThe Binghamton University ME Department helped me establish a strong foundation in academics and leadership. I crafted my engineering skills with challenging coursework while working in Dr. Chiarot's lab following my freshman year. I also learned how to lead independent projects and large organizations with influence from Watson College to the national level. Each year brought opportunities that prepared me for my career as an aerospace engineer and leader in my company's Aerospace Women's Council. I am grateful for my experiences and the mentorship I received from faculty, staff and peers.

- Ami Bhavsar '16, MS '17
Product Design Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace

Headshot of Matthew JonesMy experience in the 4+1 Program opened the door to research and hands-on experience that I otherwise would not have had. Receiving my master's degree in only five years helped me jump-start my career and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 

- Matthew L. Jones '14, MS '15
Product Development Engineer at Ford Motor Company

Headshot of Tyler MehlmanThe quality of coursework and the receptiveness of the faculty to new ideas provided me with fundamental knowledge, and the freedom to explore my passions in mechanical engineering. The 4+1 program allowed me to pursue a master's degree in a way that was affordable and efficient.

- Tyler J. Mehlman '16, MS '17
Mechanical Engineer at Keystone Tower Systems