Senior Design


Senior Capstone Design is one of the most important courses in the four-year curriculum. Students work beyond the traditional classroom setting to apply technical knowledge to actual engineering problems.

Teams are graded on their requirements analyses, feasibility studies, financial analyses, system designs, engineering drawings, prototype hardware, computer programs, presentations, demonstrations and reports. The experience helps students bridge the gap between their academic and professional careers by exposing them to realistic design processes, teamwork and expectations of practicing engineers.

Teams meet periodically with their client to review designs and provide written and oral progress reports. At the end of each semester, teams give a final presentation and write a design report. Evaluation is based on individual and team performance.

Senior Capstone Design provides these development facilities for the project teams. 

  • Projects Lab (LN-G111)
  • Tech Lab (EB-A4)
  • Vehicle Lab (EB-A3)
  • Electric Vehicle Lab (EB-D1)
  • Special Projects Lab (EB-A8)

The Projects Lab has a diverse array of benchtop equipment, which is assigned to individual teams as needed. The Tech Lab has a 3D digitizer, two 3-D printers, and several surface-mount technology soldering systems. The Vehicle Lab has innumerable automotive tools, including a TIG welder, and is home to the SAE Supermileage and MiniBaja project teams. The electric vehicle lab is home to the SAE Formula Electric vehicle. The Special Projects Lab is used for larger projects that will not fit into the Projects Lab. 

2022/2023 Senior Design Projects 

  • Highway Turbine Mount

    Helping solve the energy crisis by finding a solution to harnessing passing car wind energy by mounting turbines along a highway and tying them into the grid or a battery.

  • Rear wing for an Formula SAE car with a drag reduction system (DRS)

    An inverted wing will be located at the rear of the vehicle. In order to maximize down force and use the highest angle of attack, without flow separation occurring causing the wing to stall, a multi element wing will be used. In order to reduce drag at high speeds, the airfoil angle of attack will be adjustable to a less aggressive angle.

  • Fume Hood for High Voltage Usage

    This project aims to design and fabricate a benchtop fume hood using only plastics for electrospinning usage at high voltage.

  • Next generation Lawn Chair

    The project involves a new design to the common lawn chair using sustainable materials that can be used in a variety of settings and is not easily breakable due to sitting abuses.

  • SAE Mini Baja Transmission

    A simple transmission to provide a reverse gear for the Mini Baja. Just forward and reverse would suffice. Will likely serve as a research project to be implemented on future cars however if it is completed in time it may be used on 2022-2023 car.

  • Standing Desk Converter

    A standing desk converter with hight adjustable keyboard tray is sought

  • SAE driving simulator with 6 DOF motion platform

    Integration of the SAE driving simulator with the SCT 6 DOF platform.

  • Fall Arrest System

    Design improvements of the Fall Arrest System

  • SAE Mini-Baja Rear Suspension

    The project will be to design and manufacture the rear suspension system on the mini-Baja car for Binghamton Motorsports. This will include the suspension points, trailing arms, control rods, mounting tabs, rear rotor(s), and possibly collaboration on the hubs.

  • Golf Swing Simuilator

    Design and build a golf swing simulator, which would allow to hit the ball in a controlled fashion.

  • Golf putting platform

    Design and build a marketable solution to train golf putting

  • Robotic Arm Manipulator

    This project aims to design and build a robotic arm so that users can easily 3d print

  • Bowling robot A, B and C

    Design and build a robotic device to launch a bowling ball down the alley to hit the pins and score points.

  • Sliding door Mechanism (XSCAPE)

    Design and develop automation for new door movement design or wall movement to gain access to new area of escape room.

  • Liquid Puzzle (XSCAPE)

    Automation of moving liquid objects based on interactions in the rooms – valve control to release and create a simulated chemical reaction for players to observe – clue displayed based on liquid change

  • Mechanical Puzzle (XSCAPE)

    Mechanical gear operation on wall to provide a hands-on multiple player interaction by turns and placing items to complete actions

  • Levitating Crypt (XSCAPE)

    Mechanical levitation of crypt for Egypt game to reveal clues for players to find after completing tasks. Pillar rotation to simulate floor to ceiling style cryptex for player interaction with hands-on solving physical clue with pillar rotation

  • Rocket flight recorder

    AeroBing needs an electronics system to record flight data and survive unscheduled rapid rocket disassembly.

  • Rocket Recovery System

    AeroBing needs a recovery system to safely land large rockets and prevent it from becoming a giant lawn dart

  • RC Airplane (Competition)

    Designing, building, and flying a remote controlled airplane to compete in the AIAA Design, Build, and Fly competition.

  • Underwater Rebreather

    Design and build a rebreather for shallow water use. Rebreathers are closed loop underwater breathing devices which capture exhaled carbon dioxide, resupply fresh oxygen, and allow a bubble free dive experience.

  • MITRE: Project I

    Driver state data acquisition system

  • MITRE: Project II

    City sensors

  • Terraplane: Support pylon

    Design and build a scaled version of the support structure for the Terraplane guideway

  • Terraplane: Switch hub

    Design and build a prototype for a track switch for the Terraplane guideway

  • SAE E-Formula vehicle

    Design and implement regenerative braking system for the next generation e-formula competition vehicle