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Watson Forms

The following forms are found here:

  • Petition to Take Courses at Another Institution
  • Watson College Undergraduate General Petition Form
  • Grade Option Change Form
  • Online Late Course Add Petition
  • Online Late Course Withdrawal Petition
  • Engineering Summer Internship Form

Mechanical Engineering Department Forms

Computer Equipment

New Students: Please refer to the Engineering Design Division Computer Equipment site.


Both Macs and Windows PCs are used by students. We provide an app that lets students access all the engineering software they will need. This app can be run on either Macs or Windows.  However, our engineering lab computers and most university-purchased engineering software runs on the Windows platform. Some students prefer Windows for this reason so that their computers work the same way as it is in the lab. Our students can get free copies of most Microsoft software, even Windows, if they want to install another virtual machine on a Mac, or to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio.