Honoraria Payments

Procedure for Guest Speaker who is a U.S. Citizen

Please note that honoraria payments for guest speakers can only be processed through the standard voucher process, via the Business Office, if the speaker is a US citizen or permanent resident.

Procedure for International Guest Speaker with a Visa

If the speaker is a visa holder, or will be when they enter the United States, he or she can only be paid if they are put on the University's Faculty and Staff (state) payroll 28020 and have valid work authorization.

In these instances, a Position Request form, requesting a new "Technical Assistant Casual " position, with a "fee" payment pay basis (or approval to fill an existing position), should be completed as far in advance as possible.

Once you receive an approved position, process a "Hire / Rehire" HR Form, as with any other hire.

The employee will be required to complete a complete set of new employee forms including the federally mandated I-9 form.

Please contact one of the HR staff members listed on this page if you should have any questions or would like to discuss specific visa situations.

PLEASE NOTE:  NOT ALL VISA HOLDERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE PAYMENT OR PROVIDE SERVICES; therefore, discussing this prior to making any commitments to the presenter is very important.

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