When reporting the volunteers to the Office of Human Resources, it is mandatory to provide the following information regardless of what category they fall under:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Effective date of volunteer status
  • Tentative end date
  • Local address
  • Permanent home address (if not the same as the local address)
  • Location of volunteer service (department, building, and room)
  • Supervisor
  • Brief list of duties
  • Emergency contact information

If the person is not a U.S. citizen, we would prefer to have their Visa status but this is not a requirement.

The volunteer must be placed in one of the following three categories:

  • Contributing Services Instructor: This status is to be used for volunteer/unpaid Visiting Faculty who will be teaching on campus. When you complete the HR Forms for this group, for accreditation purposes the following must be provided in addition to the information listed above:
    • Academic degree information including name(s) and location(s) of the colleges/universities the degrees were granted from, type of degree, date degree earned, and the area of specialization the degree was earned in
    • Whether or not they have tenure at their home institution if applicable
    • A phone number or e‐mail address
    • A social security number must be provided for this category. If the volunteer DOES have a SSN, advise them to contact the Human Resources Office at (607) 777-2187 in the to provide their SS#. Do not attempt to collect the SSN's yourselves as Human Resources is the office on campus authorized to collect this information. If the volunteer does NOT have a SSN, the person submitting the smart form should make a notation of such in the “Comments” section of the HR Form  and a pseudo SS # will be provided* for them by Human Resources

      * Please note, however, we are unable to issue a temporary social security number for someone who has an actual social security number. Without a social security number or a temporary social security number, the Contributing Service Instructor will not be able to get an ID card, parking or library privileges.

  • Visiting Researcher/Scholar/Professional: This status is used for those who will be doing research, performing professional duties or are here as visiting scholars. When you complete the HR Form for this group, the following must be provided in addition to the information listed above:
    • Academic degree information
    • A phone number or e-mail address
  • Volunteer: Use this status for all others who are volunteering their time to provide a wide variety of services on campus.

If you have questions about these "volunteer" types, please contact Human Resources at 72187.

End Date

A tentative end date should be provided for all volunteers and contributors.

  • If no tentative end date is provided, a date of one year from the effective date will be entered into the systems. All privileges will be ended on the tentative end date.
  • If the volunteer or contributor will continue to provide their services on campus after that date a new Personal Data form will be required to extend their privileges.
  • A Personal Data HR Form must be submitted if their unpaid non-employee status ends before the tentative end date.

ID Cards & Parking

All volunteers are eligible to receive ID cards. Once the department submits an HR Form appointing a volunteer, the volunteer should wait about one week and then go to the Admissions Center Room 112 to receive their ID card. Volunteers will have limited access with these ID cards. If someone is a Contributing Services Instructor or Visiting Researcher/Scholar/Professional, they will have the same access as faculty members have. If a person is a volunteer and employee, their employee person type will take priority on the ID card. However, the volunteer status will be entered onto the person record in the system.

Once a volunteer picks up their ID card, they are then able to go to Parking Services in the Ground Floor of the Couper Administration Building to secure parking for their vehicle. Please note that there will be a $25 charge for a parking decal.

Computer/Binghamton Email Account

Both Contributing Service Instructors and Visiting Researcher/Scholar/Professionals can request a computer and e-mail account in person at the ITS Help Desk by presenting a valid University ID card.