Term Renew Term Extend Non-Renew

Temporary Extension

If you plan to extend the appointment of a temporary employee, contact Human Resources, as the length of a given appointment might be subject to policy. All temporary extensions, including those of less than a year in duration, must be approved by the Provost/VP office and Budget before the tentative end date.

To request an extension, use the Position Request Form.  Once all approvals are in place, the department HR Form can be done.

Term Renewals/Non-Renewals

Term renewals are requested by the department up to 60 days before the expiration of the current term, generally in one-year increments.

For annual term renewals, a position request form is not necessary; the department's HR master may request the renewal via the applicable HR Form.  Multi-year renewals should be discussed and approved in advance with your division's VP or Provost office.


Reasons can vary for non-renewals and can include budgetary concerns.  A current evaluation, based upon a current performance program, must be on file before a non-renewal notice may be given.  While non-renewal for future terms must have appropriate notice dates (see chart below), a non-renewal notice can be issued before the end of the current term.  For details on the non-renewal process, contact Human Resources and refer to the following:

Benefit forms table with title, descriptions, categories and downloadable forms. The table has horizontal headers and no merged cells.
Appointment Type Non-Renewal Required Notice
Part-time Term

45 days

Full-Time Term:

1st Year
2nd year
3rd year and beyond

* exception: 
Appendix B-1 and B-2 have 6 months' notice

3 months
6 months
12 months*


(Full-Time or Part-Time)

Generally two weeks, although notice is not required.