UUP Search Guidelines

A position may not be advertised, either internally or externally, until the Office of Human Resources has notified you that all approvals have been secured, including the Vice President, Provost and/or President's office, Budget office and the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

A.  Job Posting Process

  1. The campus department conducting the search should first submit a position request web form, requesting approval to fill or create a position. Human Resources will forward the request to the appropriate VP and the Budget office for approval and notify the requester via e-mail when the necessary approvals have been secured. 
  2. Submit the draft job description and salary to HR (Kathy Gallagher) for proper classification and budget title.  Complete Professional Vacancy Worksheet for this purpose.
  3. The campus department should contact the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to request the appropriate search forms.
  4. After DEI approves the search paperwork Part I, they will notify Human Resources, who then reviews the proposed advertisement and coordinates with the search committee chair to finalize the job posting.

Advertising via Human Resources:

Human Resources posts your vacancy on the web sites below.

Advertising via Search Committee:

Your department will be responsible for any additional advertising outside of the the websites listed above.

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can assist the search committee with vacancy advertising and recruitment ethics questions.

 A list of various sources to advertise the position you are hiring for.  The Graystone Group Advertising, a SUNY partner, is considered a viable option when advertising in external newspapers and other publications. They are often able to garner more reasonable, group rates than individual departments. The search committee and/or hiring department is responsible for any external advertising costs. Standard purchasing rules still apply when using the Graystone Group.

B.  Internal Candidate Process

Pursuant to the UUP Internal Promotion Agreement, each eligible, internal candidate (eligibility is verified by the Office of Human Resources after the internal posting period) must be considered prior to the consideration of any external applicants.  Members of UUP who have achieved permanent appointment status may apply and be considered as an internal candidate for vacancies at the same SL level, even though they may not meet the posted minimum educational requirements of the position.

  • Tier 1 internal applicant:  Current ELIGIBLE employees covered by UUP agreement are to be reviewed and considered first, followed by a review of Tier 2 applicants.
  • Tier 2 internal applicant:  Current ELIGIBLE Classified Service or Research Foundation employees are considered second.

One of three decisions must be communicated by a search committee representative to the UUP Tier 1 internal candidates prior to the review of any Tier 2 internal or external applicants:

  1. The person does not meet the qualifications for the position and will not receive an interview
  2. The person is qualified and will be interviewed
  3. The person is qualified and will be included as part of the larger candidate pool and considered further
The above UUP Internal Promotion Agreement does not apply to Management/Confidential positions.

Verification Of Successful Candidate Degree

The chair of the search committee is responsible for verifying the successful candidate's highest claimed degree prior to an offer being made. They are also required, as per university policy, to attest to the fact that credentials have been verified for the record. Copies of transcripts or degrees are acceptable.  Please forward the verification to Human Resources.

NOTE:  Contact the Provost's Office for verifying a faculty candidate's degree.

The chair of the search committee may arrange to review an internal candidate's personnel file by contacting Human Resources at 777-2187.

Policies and Procedures Governing Official Personnel Files:

C. Affirmative Action/DEI Search Process

  1. Search committee is charged by the hiring manager in professional, non-faculty searches.
  2. The search committee reviews applications and makes recommendations for interviews, prepares screening tools, interview questions, etc.  Please coordinate with the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) throughout the interview process.
  3. After the 10-business day internal application period ends, HR notifies candidates, DEI, and the search committee of internal candidate status.
  4. The department notifies internal candidates of their intent of whether or not to interview.
  5. To conduct a pre-screening/remote inquiry, complete and submit form DEI Part IIa.
  6. To conduct campus interviews, complete and submit form DEI Part IIb.
  7. Schedule and conduct interviews after DEI Part IIb Form is approved
  8. DEI has a new requirement for all open searches. In Interview Exchange (IE), disposition codes must be entered for each applicant from a pre-loaded list and notes must be completed for each search. Approvals for hires and closing out searches will depend on the completion of these sections.  Disposition codes of non-selection should be inputted in IE once the Part IIb form is approved.
  9. Search committee fulfills charge to the hiring manager in terms of final candidates.
  10. Candidate is selected through hiring manager and communicated to search chair.
  11. Search chair submits form DEI Part III for approval.
  12. Make verbal offer to candidate after form DEI Part III is approved (within the range of salary approved and listed on the posting).
  13. Upon verbal acceptance, send formal offer letter to the selected candidate (contact Professional Employment staff in HR if you need the appropriate offer letter template). Academic departments, please contact your Dean's office for this. If you need clarification for any aspect of the offer letter, please contact HR. 
  14. Submit form DEI Final Search Determination.
  15. The search committee will notify candidates who were not selected for this vacancy.  There is an email template for this message, which you may tailor to your department, available in Interview Exchange. 

    Refer to the Employer Guide in Interview Exchange for instructions on e-mailing applicants or contact HR.

D.  Appointing the New Employee

  1. The hiring department submits a Hire/Rehire HR Form.
  2. Direct new employee to the "New Employee Forms" packet on the HR web site.
  3. The hiring department sends original signed offer letter to Human Resources. HR will collect the new employee forms, including the Oath of Office, Confidentiality Agreements, etc.
  4. Send a signed Performance Program to HR within 45 days of start date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The federal I-9 form must be completed in person (or notarized document process if employee is not on site); within the first three days of employment. Also, the Social Security card must be verified with HR (or notarized document process if employee is not on site). We are not able to place an employee on the New York State payroll without a Social Security number.

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