Evaluation Coordinating

Mission: The Evaluation Coordinating Committee shall be charged with conducting regular evaluations of senior administrators who have significant responsibilities involved with professional staff. These positions include, but are not limited to: the President, the Vice President for each division, and the Chief Diversity Officer.

We strongly believe that evaluation has three key purposes: 

  • Identify what is working
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Inform future planning

and with this in mind we work to provide strengths-focused and solutions-based evaluations. 

Spring 2022

For the 2021-22 academic year, the committee chose to take a new approach and address the feedback we've recieved from our respondents. A suggestion that has come up over and over again has been to provide 360 evaluations for supervisors. 

We are delighted to announce that we have begun to address these suggestions with our Supervisory 360 Pilot Program

The goal of this voluntary pilot is to provide supervisors with an opportunity to recieve authentic feedback and expert help with digesting that feedback and incorporating in a continuous improvement plan. The idea inherent in this approach is that the best always strive to be better and with that mindset, evaluation isn't a once a year thing, but a form of regular assessment that informs performance, adjustments and growth. 

Learn more about our Supervisory 360 Pilot Program


However, we will be having another cohort go through the supervisory evaluation process in the Fall 2022 semester. 

Fall 2022 Supervisory Evaluation Cohort

Who We’re Looking for
This is a voluntary program, so we are looking for those who supervise other employees (staff or students), are seeking insights into their performance in this aspect of their work, and hold a continuous improvement mindset. 

Eligible Applicants Must Be: 

  • a professional staff member who supervises any classification of employee or
  • any classification of employee who supervises professional staff, and
  • available for a debrief session 

Applications for Fall 2022 participation will open in early October 2022.

Schedule of Evaluations

The current schedule of evaluations is under review by the committee. 

Year Subject of Evaluation Notes
Fall 2022 TBD  
Spring 2023 TBD  
Fall 2023 TBD  
Spring 2024 TBD  
Fall 2024 TBD  

Past Evaluations

Year Subject of Evaluation Notes
Summer 2022 Supervisory 360 Pilot

Participant feedback coming Fall 2022!

Fall 2020 University COVID Response

Public report

Supervisory Best Practices 

Spring 2020 University President Private report
Fall 2018 Vice President for Operations Private report
Spring 2018 Vice President for Student Affairs Private report

Committee Members

  • Sharon Bunch – UDC Reader Services Coordinator, University Libraries
  • Cait Crisman – Emergency Management Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management 
  • Courtney Ignarri - Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs, Harpur College 
  • Sara Oliveira – Instructional Developer, Center for Learning and Teaching
  • Christine Podolak - Associate Director of Experiential Education, Division of Public Health
  • Manar Sabry – Senior Assistant Director for Strategic Analysis, Student Affairs Assessment and Solutions for Engagement (SAASE)
  • Cherie van Putten - Instructional Designer, Center for Learning and Teaching