Evaluation Coordinating

Mission: The Evaluation Coordinating Committee shall be charged with conducting regular evaluations of senior administrators, departments, sub-units, or processes on campus that engage or impact professional staff. All data collected is kept strictly confidential, and only those currently on the committee have access to the responses. Personal information, such as names or email, is not collected with responses. All data is reported in aggregate. In addition, any potentially identifying information is removed from qualitative responses. Individual reports are only shared with the evaluee; reports on processes or departments may be made publicly available and this information is communicated to respondents in the specific survey.

We strongly believe that evaluation has three key purposes: 

  • Identify what is working
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Inform future planning

With this in mind we work to provide strengths-focused and solutions-based evaluations. 

Employee Experience and Satisfaction Survey

The Professional Staff Senate (PSS) Evaluation Coordinating Committee (ECC) is conducting a survey to gain insights into the working environment and workplace as part of PSS’s ongoing efforts to enhance our work environment and to advocate for our members.

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Past Evaluations

Year Subject of Evaluation Notes
Summer 2022 Supervisory 360 Pilot

Participant feedback coming Fall 2022!

Fall 2020 University COVID Response

Public report

Supervisory Best Practices 

Spring 2020 University President Private report
Fall 2018 Vice President for Operations Private report
Spring 2018 Vice President for Student Affairs Private report